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A Four-Axis Self-Reproducing Milling Machine

A Four-Axis Self-Reproducing Milling Machine
Sold to Larry Ritchey, one of two copies of the machine, 24 October, 1997, receipt is around here somewhere:

Doug Goncz, ‘First attempt at self-reproducing machine tool,” Replikon Research, PO Box 4394, Seven Corners, VA 22044-0394, 1997

The machine is posed with a cordless drill used in creating it, and a bicycle crank, which it is capable of making. Its four components are: Drill Press, Cross Slide Vise, Collet Indexer, and Four Jaw Chuck, and they can be assembled in a few configurations other than what is shown. By doing so, the machine self-modifies; for example, there are 120 gear teeth machined into the rim of the Chuck; this job was done using these four pieces and a gear tooth cutter. The cutter would be called a Vitamin Part; like our vitamins in our food, it is something required, that we can’t make.
Low resolution of the machine milling its own chuck indexing gear teeth