If you have an Android phone (such as the T-Mobile G1 or the MyTouch), you can now automatically place calls through your RingCentral account. I got tired of having to punch the numbers in for the calling card, so I made this application.
Note:  You must have a RingCentral account for this application to work.
Since you are calling through your RingCentral number, your caller id will show up according to your settings in your RingCentral account. It integrates directly with your regular contacts & dialer. The only setup you need to do is to provide your RingCentral Number and PIN. Easy! Please note, I made this application myself -- it is not produced by RingCentral Inc.  


The application didn't work at all. It only calls my account so I hear my greeting.  It didn't route it to the person I'm calling.  What am I doing wrong?

You have to wait for the dialing to complete.  Behind the scenes, the application is doing the same thing you would do if you were calling your Ring Central calling card manually:  it dials your access number, then enters your password, then 3 and the destination number and #.  It can take 15 seconds or so for all of this dialing.  Try again but wait for the entire sequence to complete!


Search for 'RingCentral' in Android Marketplace.  (Note that 'RingCentral' is case sensitive.)


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