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Becoming a member of the RBC sangha brings with it rewards and responsibilities.  When you join the congregation, you join an international sangha of Buddhists in a movement that has been intimately intertwined with world history for the last 2,500 years.  this is a formal  step for your to "put down roots" at RBC.

            You will receive a subscription to our newsletter which will keep you up-to-date with the Buddhist movement worldwide.  On the local level you will be able to vote on all issues relating to our community’s well being.  You will be eligible to chair a committee or serve on the RBC Staff.  You become part of our community.

            We offer one another a chance to develop spiritually and intellectually, to socialize and make deep connections with other Buddhists and to serve the larger community. You will discover diverse Dharma experiences, a wide range of Buddhist education opportunities for all ages, participate in social events, antient rutual observances, and chances to engage in the compassionate work of the samgha.  We also offer you access to important rites of passage such as child dedications, weddings, memorial services and other rituals.  Our priests offer pastoral care to all members as needed.

We care for and nurture our community, and we are glad to join with you in our Sangha community.  We welcome the new gifts and energy you will bring to our community. As we join with one another, we ask that you give serious consideration to how you can contribute your time, talent, and treasure to our common life.  Most of us find that the more we give to the sangha the more we get back - Dana is essential to turning the wheel of Dharma.

Suggested Readings

Old Path White Clouds Thic Nath Han - The story of Sidhartha Gotama his quest for enlightenment and life of teaching. Very readable

Everyday Suchness Gyomay Kubose - A series of essays by Rev. Kubose and his insights into Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in America.

River of Fire, River of Water Taitetsu Unno - A collection of Essays about the nature of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Very readable

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism Tetsuo Unno - A collection of anecdotes, stories and essays on Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.

Tannisho (A Shin Buddhist Classic) Taitetsu Unno - Prof. Unno's translation and commentary on the Tannisho

Naturalness Kenryo Kanamatsu - A classic work in English on the nature of Jodo Shinshu. It is a very poetic approach and was out of print for a number of years.

Foundations of Japanese Buddhism Alicia Matsunaga - This is a two volume set that covers the history and development of Japanese Buddhism and many of the cultural influences.