Tapickotc, pronounced “ta-bish-kot” is the Atikamekw word for “together”, it speaks of unity and equality.

The Wemotaci Tapickotc Centre is both a multifunctional building and a church. It has a twofold purpose, one is spiritual and the other is social.


We are a community of Christians with a desire to see lives flourish and made whole by the healing brought through reconciliation with our Creator, others, ourselves and the rest of creation. This is the powerful message of the Bible. Our all-powerful Creator became one of us in the person of Jesus in order that through is life, death and resurrection we might find life.


Our philosophy is spiritual, relational, social and rooted in the Holy Scriptures, with a perspective seeking to respect the specific context of the First Nations. Our desire is to see men and women move forward in a relationship with Creator so that their lives bear fruit of His transformative power, not of a cultural assimilation.


We also desire to be an organization that promotes community development. Our hope is to partner with communities to bring social revitalization in many aspects such as family support, education, counseling and be an encouragement to communities as they persevere in making those positive changes.

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