Librarian: Mr. Wright                                                                            Assistant Librarian: Mrs. Messick      
                                               dwright@renacademy.org                                                                          tmessick@renacademy.org                                                                   

Vision Statement

Members of the school have a desire and love of learning that will continue from the schoolhouse to the home. The library will cheerfully provide services, materials, and lessons that will give students the opportunity to develop into honest researchers, logical thinkers, and information analyzers.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Offer materials available for check out in school and online resources accessible after hours from the home or other public locations

  • Develop friendly relationships of trust with students, their families, and staff

  • Partner with staff to support classroom learning with harmonizing literacy, technology, and research lessons

  • Promote lifelong love of a variety of literature and inquiry

  • Ensure a safe atmosphere so students clearly, respectfully share ideas and ask questions

  • Avoid plagiarism, instill curiosity, and help students explore the world of knowledge

My Philosophy

My job as a librarian is to educate citizens of the future. The kind of skills I teach should last them throughout their lives as they continue to educate themselves. I believe the key of being an effective educator is having a determined enthusiasm. I want to ensure the students who come into the Renaissance Academy library will grow into honest researchers who understand the value of knowledge. As an educator I am concerned with the academic progress of students, but just as important is my connection to their personalities, understanding their backgrounds, and development of their character. I will reflect the motto of our school by helping my students wonder, play, explore, and serve. 


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