Repair of a building element

Technical work to repair a construction element in an inspection unit. Consisting of technical visits for data collection, documentation of the current study and evaluation of identified deficiencies and planning work aimed at repairing the building element. Includes: displacement in a metropolitan area to a maximum distance of 20 km, drafting the necessary documentation to undertake the work, and to process them in the administration relevant to the completion of the work on the delivery of propietatt documented detail the operation performed.
%01a%Ancillary costs on labor0,020,65
%02%indirect costs0,032,33
%Estimating the degree of difficulty or uncertainty (normal 1.00)1,00
RE0174uDedication of a technical report writing0,4035,7014,2813,601,60
RE0176uDedication of a technical drafting budget0,4035,7014,2813,601,60
RE0177uDedication of a technical drawing of a graphic section0,4034,1313,6513,001,60
RE0178uData acquisition and leverage current state (1 UI)0,4088,1235,2530,263,86
RE0266uBasic Health and Safety Study0,4037,8015,1216,401,20
RE0270uManagement of the works0,40109,9843,9931,993,19
RE0269uHealth and Safety Coordination0,4065,4526,1818,331,53
RE0420uManaging documents before the council and technical consultation1,0063,1363,1356,005,00
MOU0066hTechnical coordinator1,0012,5012,5012,501,00
MOU0081hTechnical director1,0020,0020,0020,001,00
REU0763uAverage cost of premiums for professional liability insurance, per 1,000 currency units or technical fees fraction.0,5050,0025,13
REU0762uAverage cost of fees and contributions to the management and visa proceedings in a professional for every 1,000 currency units or technical fees fraction.0,5040,0020,10
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