Welcome and 2nd Grade News - Room 5

Welcome to Mrs.Murray's second grade web page! This site will allow you to see schedules, procedures, news and more.

 I look forward to starting this year with your children! It will surely be an adventure!

We will continue with a tradition posting kindnesses that we see or do on our "confetti board" in the room emphasizing to all that "Kindness is Good!" The students and teachers will settle into a kind of routine to get this year off to a wonderful start. I feel blessed that you are sharing your children with me this year.

Reading Logs-  These will start at a later date.

Book Club Order--  Remember--Scholastic book club orders can be placed any time! If you have a birthday or holiday coming think about ordering some books for your children. See the Book Order subheading for details.


Reading Logs--TBA

For the first few months of the year the Reading Log will be a short writing and drawing activity. It will be given to students on Monday and is due the following Monday. Please help out and make sure your child is completing the responses with quality work. They do not need to have finished a book to complete the responses. I also expect them to take AR (Accelerated Reading) tests at school on the books they read and complete at home. It is my hope that students will become more purposeful in their reading. Please remember that the more children read, the better reader, writer, and overall student they become.

At home reading is crucial to your child’s success and literacy development.  Thank you for your dedication to helping your child become a strong reader.

You will find a description of the class procedures and routines in the subheading at the left. It tells about the folders, birthdays, homework, and more. If you have any questions I can address them with an email, note or a visit. 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful and amazing children with me!

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