Rolling Forward to a New Year

Recommendations for rolling your Unit Plan and Lesson Plans forward to a new year.
  1. Make sure you archive any Unit Plans you want to roll forward for a year
  2. Filter for Archived Units
  3. Select Copy on the Unit you want to roll forward
  4. Update the Unit Plan dates, Name and Description as appropriate in the pop up window and click save
    1. Suggestion is to add the date ie: 14.15 to the beginning or end of the Unit Name to distinguish it from prior year
  5. The newly named unit will now appear in your Active Units.
    1. The Unit Plan will be unchanged 
    2. The Lesson Plans (formerly strategies) are at the bottom and have their original dates associated with them
      1. At this point the lesson plans need their dates modified individually to move them into the date range of the new Unit Plan
    3. *** We will be modifying this lesson plan date process so look for a forthcoming update.