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The USS Dauntless is set in the late 24th century, and uses the appropriate Starfleet uniforms for that period (often referred to as the 2375 set or the "First Contact Greys"). 

It should be noted that the wearing of an official uniform carries with it a certain responsibility. When you put on your uniform, you become a walking symbol of the organisation you represent: the USS Dauntless, the 8th Fleet and STARFLEET as a whole. That being the case, it's important to ensure that you and your uniform project the best possible image

Among other things, one of the best ways to ensure you project the best possible image is to maintain your uniform in excellent condition: it should always be clean and pressed and it should display the correct insignia (such as Branch of Service colour, commbadge and rank insignia).

Dress Code

Each official Dauntless event, Away Mission or meeting has a Dress Code laid down by the mission commander. The Dress Code stipulates which set of uniforms you are expected to wear when attending the event. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, the crew presents a unified, professional image to each other, to other crews, to civilians, to potential recruits and to the media. The more unified and professional we appear, the better our overall image.

In addition to the uniforms linked below, all crew-members are expected to adhere to certain universal dress code requirements:
  • Personal hygiene - A Dauntless crew-member is clean, fragrant and properly groomed at all times.
  • Facial hair - Senior Officers (O-4 and up) are permitted to wear facial hair, provided it is neatly groomed. Special Operations personnel are permitted to wear any facial hair their missions may require. Other crew-members may request permission from the CO to wear facial hair.
  • Uniform maintenance - All uniforms must be clean, pressed and free of major defects. If a mission would require you to soil your uniform, it is recommended that you bring a spare with you to change into at your earliest convenience.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the default Dress Code for all missions is Class B. This means that crew-members are expected to wear a CAUC (Correct and Accurate Uniform Certified) Class B uniform during the event. Individual members may select which version of the Class B uniform to wear based on propriety and preference.

Uniform Versions

Different occasions call for different uniforms that are appropriate for the mission or function. The various different versions are categorised into Classes accordingly.

 Class A (Formal)  Class B (Duty Uniforms)  Class C (Mission-specific)
These are the STARFLEET equivalent of a dress suit or an evening gown. These would ordinarily only be worn at formal functions such as weddings, receptions or formal dinners. These are the default uniforms to be worn by crew-members at all functions and events unless indicated otherwise. Some missions and functions require informal attire, customised according to the mission's special requirements. There are a wide variety of authorised uniforms in this category, intended to suit any situation.

Accessories and Insignia

 Rank Insignia  Commbadges  ID Tags and Badges Caps  Weapons
 Most uniforms display the rank of the wearer. It is vital that you wear the correct insignia for your rank.  Most uniforms are worn with a Starfleet badge on the left breast. The correct commbadge must be worn.  Optional identification accessories that may be worn with certain uniforms. Official Dauntless caps are authorised for wear with Class B and C uniforms.   Decorative weapon replicas for wear with Class B and C uniforms.

Branch of Service Colour Chart

When purchasing or constructing a uniform, take care to ensure that your uniform includes the appropriate Branch of Service colour for the department you serve in. Also take care that the colour of your uniform matches the exact colour listed below as closely as possible.

 Department Colour  RGB Code 
  • Command
  • Recruits
Red  194r 0g 0b
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Security
Gold  255r 215g 0b
  • Science
  • Medical
Teal  0r 128g 128b
  • Marine Corps
Green  0r 128g 0b

"Correct and Accurate"

In order to ensure a professional consistency of uniforms aboard the Dauntless, you'll need to have your uniform inspected and certified.

Alternate Uniforms

There are a number of occasions during which something other than a Dauntless uniform may be recognised as a uniform for Away Mission purposes:

  • If you serve in another STARFLEET installation, such as a Regional staff, Fleet-level department or something of that nature, it is acceptable to wear your non-Dauntless uniforms to Dauntless events after the 25th of each calendar month;
  • Parkrun milestone T-shirts may be worn to parkrun events instead of a certified uniform;
  • Other examples may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Should you wish to make use of this option, be sure to wear the appropriate version of the uniform (Class, branch of service and rank) as applicable. Although not strictly required, it's advisable to discuss your intention to wear a non-Dauntless uniform to a Dauntless event with the mission commander beforehand.