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Communication Systems

The USS Dauntless employs a number of different communication systems, both internal and external. This gives our members, passengers and friends a number of options when it comes to interacting with each other on board ship.

Official Communication Channels

There are two official communication channels that are used for official internal communications. These are for crew-members only, and are the appropriate place for all ship-wide announcements and discussions relating to official Dauntless business, as well as other content.

  • PrimaryUSS Dauntless Google Group. Google Groups are a social networking tool that can be used as either an email list, a web-based forum or a combination of the two. This is the system through which all the most important announcements are made. All crew-members are required to maintain an active subscription to our Google Group in order to be considered members of the crew.
  • Secondary: USS Dauntless Slack Workspace. Slack is a private chatroom-style environment which facilitates either mass conversations, smaller groups or one-on-one chats. All announcements are made in Slack, and it is the primary location for discussions, reporting and coordinating ship activities. Non-official communication is also allowed (and encouraged) in Slack, provided it is held in the appropriate channels.

Ancillary Channels

Members are invited to participate in ship activities through these other channels:

  • Discord: The Dauntless maintains an active Discord server as an auxiliary to the Slack Workspace. Discord offers a superior real-time voice-comms system for online-gaming, Away Mission comms and online meetings. Text-based chat is permitted in Discord, but it should be kept in mind that this is a publicly-visible space, and there is no expectation of privacy. Non-members are routinely removed from the server, but they are not prevented from joining.
  • Facebook
    • Page: Selected announcements are made here. Civilians are welcome to "like" the page to see what we're up to.
    • GroupPrivate for Dauntless members to participate in discussions and receive event invitations. This is a redundant auxiliary to the Slack Workspace.
  • LinkedIn Group: Private for Dauntless members to participate in discussions
  • Duolingo Classroom: Linguistics-based social network. Private for Dauntless members to participate in discussions and the Linguistics Challenge. This is supplementary to the Slack Workspace.
  • Goodreads Group: Reading-based social network. Private for Dauntless members to participate in discussions.

Sanctioned Groups

As new social media sites are created and changed, the USS Dauntless will either establish or discontinue authorised groups on those platforms. There are a number of special-interest groups relating to Dauntless activities that have been established on various online platforms. If they are not listed above, then they are accessible via one of the channels listed above. If you have any questions about this, make a post in either the Google Group or Slack Workspace, or get in touch with your direct superior.

Communications Policy

The Dauntless currently has no official policy with regards to behaviour on our communication channels. We hope that we will never need one. 

As long as our crew-members remain somewhat respectful and reasonably polite, refraining from any particularly objectionable behaviour, we will continue to uphold an 'anything goes' philosophy and a commitment to freedom of speech and the 'free market of ideas'. Please don't be the one who forces us to change that policy.

If you think you've seen someone behaving in a way that should be dealt with by moderators, please bring that to the moderators' attention.