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Away Missions

Away Missions are occasions when Dauntless crew-members engage in activities out in the real world. 

Ideally, an Away Mission would be attended by all the members of an Away Team, and commanded by the Away Team Leader, but this is seldom the case. At a minimum, if at least one crew-member attends an event while officially representing the Dauntless, the event may be considered an Away Mission.

To ensure that an event you attend is considered an official Away Mission, add the event to the Dauntless' Calendar several days in advance, take lots of photos at the event, and post a report on the Mission Logs section of the website after the fact.

Mission Priorities

Some missions are more important than others. In order to clarify the importance of a mission, it will be classified according to a priority system, as follows:

 PriorityDescription  Average Frequency*
 1Events of critical importance.

These may include annual general meetings of the chapter, opening nights for new Star Trek feature films in theatres, local Star Trek conventions or similar events.

All crew-members within the operational sector of the event are expected to attend. If unable to attend, a negative RSVP is required, along with an explanation of the reason for not attending.

Crew-members who fail to attend, and also fail to RSVP for the event, may be assigned a "Failed to report in", which will count negatively towards rank promotion requirements.
 1 per 2 years
2 Events of significant importance, or events of great importance but with a limited scope. 

These may include local generic science fiction conventions, Dauntless awards ceremonies, staff/department meetings, community service events or sanctioned competitive gaming events.
 8 per year
 3 Casual events, or events of low importance.

These may include hikes, picnics, non-Star Trek movie nights, non-sanctioned gaming events, camping trips or general social events.
 3 per week
*"Average frequency" is based on the frequency of the events held by the Dauntless' most active Away Team, Alpha Team. Other teams will likely run far fewer missions on average.

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