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The Ship

The USS Dauntless is a Defiant Class Starship. 

The prototype of this class, the USS Defiant NX-74205, was built as a proof-of-concept - the idea was to create the first ever Federation warship. The design team took the standard layout of a Federation Starship, removed all the unnecessary elements and beefed up what was left as far as possible. The result was an extremely powerful, fast, agile and light "first strike assault cruiser", ideal for intercepting enemy incursions and doing maximum damage ahead of the arrival of heavier ships.

In addition to being an effective combat vessel, the Defiant Class is also perfectly suited to short-range missions, and tend to be tethered to a Starbase. In the case of the USS Dauntless, we are tethered to Starbase 8, the base of operations for SFI's 8th Fleet.

The Defiant Class specifications are as follows (courtesy of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library):

Dimensions : Length : 170.68 m
Beam : 134.11 m
Height : 30.1 m
Decks : 4 (A pair of large Jeffrey's Tubes beneath the nacelles are sometimes considered a 5th deck)
Mass : 355,000 metric tons
Crew Capacity : 50 (150 evacuation limit)
Armament : Fore: 4 x Class I rapid fire phaser pulse cannon
Aft: 1 x Type X phaser bank, total output 70,000 TeraWatts
Fore: 3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tube
Aft: 1 x Probe/photon launcher equivalent to standard photon torpedo tube with 120 rounds
Defense Systems : Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 2,376,000 Terajoules
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 20 cm Ablative armour.
High level Structural Integrity Field
Warp Speeds :
Normal Cruise : 6 
  Maximum Cruise : 8.7 

Maximum Rated : 9.513 for 12 hours.
Strength Indices : Beam Firepower : 1,400
(Galaxy class = 1,000) Torpedo Firepower : 2,150

Weapon Range and Accuracy : 810

Shield Strength : 880

Hull Armour : 3,400

Speed : 955

Combat Manoeuvrability : 8,660

To see specific information on individual systems and sections, select from the list below:
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The Bridge Deck 1 The Bridge 
The Captain's Ready Room Deck 1 Ready Room 
Sickbay Deck 2 Sickbay 
The Mess Deck 2 The Mess 
Officers' Quarters Deck 2 Officers' Quarters 
Main Engineering Deck 2 Main Engineering 
Crew Quarters Deck 3 Crew Quarters 
Holodeck Deck 3 Holodeck 
Shuttlebay Deck 4 Shuttlebay 
Turbolift Mobile Turbolift 
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