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360th MSG - Spirit Riders

The 360th Marine Strike Group (aka the Spirit Riders) is a detachment of The STARFLEET Marine Corps permanently stationed aboard the USS Dauntless. The 360th MSG falls under the 8th Brigade of the SFMC.

The Spirit Riders are a group of Dauntless crew-members who prefer a more formal, militaristic style of membership, with their own system of ranks and different uniforms.

In addition to joining in with Dauntless activities, including events and occupying Duty Stations across the ship, the 360th also holds its own events and conducts activities distinct from those of the mothership.

Spirit Riders' events typically revolve around competitive gaming and combat simulations, including:
  • Paintball
  • Laser tag
  • HeroClix
  • Star Trek CCG
  • Star Trek Attack Wing
  • Star Trek Online

Organisational Structure

The Spirit Riders acts as a Department aboard the USS Dauntless, with the Officer In Charge (OIC) serving at the level of Department Head in the Dauntless' Senior Staff.

Like the Dauntless, the Spirit Riders is divided into a number of subdivisions, one for each of the geographical Sectors the Dauntless operates in. Where the Dauntless crew has an Away Team in each Sector, the Spirit Riders have a unit (or several units) embedded within that team, and so they share a name. For example, the Dauntless' 'Sigma Team' would include the Spirit Riders 'Sigma Squad'.

A Squad is the Marine equivalent of an Away Team, but a Squad consists of between one and three Fireteams (of up to four Marines each). If a Squad becomes too large, it may be elevated to the level of Platoon, and the Squad itself may be split up into more than one Squad within that Platoon.

In addition, the Spirit Riders operate in virtual space (The Dauntless' "Omega Sector") and deploys units under that designation also. All Marines serving within Omega Squad also serve in their geographically-assigned Squads, and Omega Squad allows non-Marines to join.

Due to staffing shortages, it may be necessary for a single Marine to serve in multiple capacities, in order to ensure that all necessary posts are filled. Traditionally, in such a situation, the Marine will use the highest-level position as his official post, with the lower ones filled in an "Acting" capacity.

The Spirit Riders currently consist of the following members:

360th Marine Strike Group:
  • MGEN Owen "Blackbeard" Swart - Officer in Charge
  • MAJ Paul Nott - Deputy Officer in Charge
  • Alpha Squad
  • Xi Squad
    • MCPT Robert Lovelace Squad Leader
    • Fireteam Xi-1
      • MCPT Robert Lovelace - Fireteam Leader
      • Vacant - Grenadier
      • Vacant - Automatic Rifleman
      • Vacant - Rifleman
  • Lambda Squad
    • COL Chris "EMTDuck" Lynch - Squad Leader
    • Fireteam Lambda-1
      • COL Chris "EMTDuck" Lynch - Fireteam Leader
      • Vacant - Grenadier
      • Vacant - Automatic Rifleman
      • Vacant - Rifleman
  • Tau Squad
    • MGEN Owen "Blackbeard" Swart - Squad Leader
    • Fireteam Tau-1
      • MGEN Owen "Blackbeard" Swart - Fireteam Leader
      • Vacant - Grenadier
      • Vacant - Automatic Rifleman
      • Vacant - Rifleman
  • Omega Squadron
    • COL Jacques van Zyl - Squad Leader
    • Omega Squadron (Assigned to the game Star Trek Online)
      • COL Jacques "Vengi57" van Zyl - Flight Commander
      • MGEN Owen "Blackbeard" Swart - Aviator
      • COL Chris "EMTDuck" Lynch - Aviator
      • COL Anja Joubert - Aviator
      • SSG Walter Oberholzer - Aviator

History of the 360th Marine Strike Group

  • Beginning in Region 2 The Spirit Riders were the 698th MSG with BGEN Deb Kern as the OIC. 
  • As BGEN Deb Kern Dropped out of SFI for a time, COL Jack Kern took over the MSG. 
  • It was under COL Jack Kern's leadership that the MSG moved to Region 8. The Spirit Riders then became the 360th MSG.
  • In June of 2008 Deb Kern rejoined SFI and became the DOIC of the 360th and the 8th Brigade. 
  • Upon Deb Kern's death in July of 2008, MCAPT Shawn Van der Berg became the DOIC of the MSG and Brigade.
  • As of the end of December COL Kern has transfered from the Dauntless to a meeting chapter near where he lives and has stepped down as the Spirit Riders OIC. Major Paul Nott took over from COL Kern.
  • Major Dewald de Coning took over as Spirit Riders OIC from MAJ Nott.
  • MAJ Nott resumed command of the Spirit Riders.
  • In August 2015 MGEN Owen Swart took command of the Spirit Riders, reassigning MAJ Nott as DOIC.

Alpha Squad about to engage in a paintball tactical simulation.

USS Dauntless prepares to dock with Omega Flight's Starbase in Star Trek Online