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Our Mission

To bring the message of Gene Roddenberry's vision for the future of humankind to the people of Africa and the Middle East

In 1967 Gene Roddenberry introduced the world to his vision for the future of this world in the form of the original Star Trek television series. Building on that success, the Star Trek idea has expanded into five additional television series and twelve feature films so far. And more will continue to be made for the foreseeable future.

Roddenberry envisioned a world where violence, poverty, disease and crime had been eliminated, and all walks of human life lived together in peaceful equality. In this world science and technology coupled with grand civil liberties and accountability of the state have created a world of abundance, peace and prosperity for all.

STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc is a worldwide group pf people interested in promoting this idea of peace and harmony by sharing the message of Star Trek with the world. In the area designated "Region 8" the USS Dauntless is the sole vanguard of that mission, and so we are tasked with establishing and growing our presence here and throughout Africa and the Middle East.

To this end, we have a number of directives, objectives and goals which we pursue. Among them are the following:
  • Standing order #1: To promote Star Trek to our friends, families and the people around us
    • Public appearances at Star Trek and science fiction related events
    • Find novel ways of getting people interested in Star Trek
      • Star Trek Gaming
        • Star Trek CCG
        • Star Trek RPG
        • Star Trek Catan
        • Star Trek: Fleet Captains
        • Star Trek HeroClix
  • Standing order #2: Encourage initiatives to help bring about the future envisioned in Star Trek
    • Help people who need help
      • Regular blood drives
    • Promote science and critical thinking education
      • Sceptics in the Pub/Park
    • Encourage robust discussion about social issues
      • Rumble in the Pub
  • Standing order #3: Increase the membership of the USS Dauntless
  • Standing order #4: Encourage Dauntless members to sign up for STARFLEET International
  • Standing order #5: Support the launch of more STARFLEET chapters in Region 8