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801st Intelligence Group

STARFLEET Special Operations is a Department of STARFLEET International, the International Star Trek Fan Association.  We are part of the STARFLEET Holodeck program, which is ultimately under the command of the Vice Commander of STARFLEET. STARFLEET Special Operations Command was launched in 2001 with the desire to create a Joint Forces Department that was loosely based upon the various armies of the Real World, while not being as rule bound as the STARFLEET Marine Corps

Intelligence Operations Command, more specifically, is responsible for Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, Research & Development and Technology & Sciences of Starfleet Special Operations. 

The 801st Intelligence Group is the USS Dauntless’ resident Special Operations Unit (SOU), and incidentally also the only Special Operations Unit for Region 8 of STARFLEET. Our motto is DE OCCULTA POTENTIA, loosely translated as “Strength from that which is hidden”. 

The 801st currently consists of only three members – CMDR Dewald de Coning (Chief of Special Operations), CAPT Chris ‘Duck’ Lynch (Deputy Team Leader) and ENS Ashley Kingett (SpecOps Officer). You may ask why are we only three members strong, but that is wholly in keeping with the motto of Special Operations Units all over the world. Special operatives are never numerous, as only a select few are drawn to the demanding requirements set by the SpecOps environment. 

We report directly to the ADD IntelOps, who in turn reports to the Director of SFSO.

One of the more attractive aspects of SFSO and IntelOps specifically, is the clearly defined career path that has been set out for all prospective special operatives. These levels can be acquired through persistent, diligent study of various required courses at STARFLEET Academy. There is truly no glass ceiling in the Intelligence Department.