Welcome to Mrs. Gregory's Class

Welcome to Kindergarten! – Sara Novosel – Stewartsville Elementary ...

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a kindergartener at Booth Free?

Come see!

Reading Workshop

We are learning that you do not need to know every word to enjoy a good book.

Snack & Stretch

After snack in the courtyard, we find ourselves eager to go out and enjoy the morning sun.


One of the big highlights of the day is to practice letters and sounds with my little owl puppet, Echo.

Writing Workshop

The children are already amazing authors who often to chant, "When you're done, you've just begun!"


We love to create art with Mrs. Manley. We look forward to having music as our daily special class soon.

Recess & Lunch

We stop midday for another chance to refuel, both our tummies and our friendships.


We are working on the foundation of kindergarten math: counting groups to ten accurately and writing the numerals to match.


Our science lessons this fall will focus on weather and the changing seasons.

Choice Time

We end our day with some free time play inside. It's a clear favorite!