Presenting Companies

Regenerative Network Member Companies
 Air to Water Machines

  Pressure-related Plastic Piping Systems 

 Ceiling Systems Industry Innovator

  Insulated Concrete Forms

  Smart, Sustainable Door Opening Solutions 

  Superior Building Control Systems

 Open Energy Commons

   Thermal Energy Storage 

   Enterprise Sustainability Software Platform 


   Durable, Lightweight Building Products made from Recycled Materials 

  Sustainable Insulation 

  Pioneer in High Performance Precast Concrete 

 The Productive, Efficient and Reliable Small Fuel Cell 

 Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management Services 

  Wireless Controls that make Buildings Smart 

 Sustainable, Moveable Walls 

   Innovative Silicon-Based Building Products 

   Commercial Networked Lighting Controls

   Plug-Load Management Systems 

   Sustainable Office Furniture and Access Floors 

  Building Design Performance Simulation Software 

  Carpet Tiles Designed and Inspired by Nature

  Behavior Change through the Building Dashboard® 

  Building Industry Publisher 

  Non-Toxic, No VOC and Low Odor Paint 

 The Green Office Supply Specialists 

  Bio-Based Phase Change Material

  Premanufactured Green Building System 

 Sustainable Hygiene Products 

  Comprehensive Energy Management Software 

  The Water Efficiency Experts 

  Dynamic Electronically Switchable Glass

  Bright, Low-Powered, LED Bulbs 

  Ready-Mix Concrete Supply


 Exceptional, Warm, LED Lighting

Regenerative Network Prospective Companies

  Daylighting Harvesting

  Smart grid-enabled, distributed energy storage to the utility industry

  LED Lighting

  Window Treatment Systems


  Prefabricated Housing Units 
  Glass-Wood Building Products

  Environmental Testing and Certification