January 2018

Post date: Jan 25, 2018 1:32:42 AM

As the end of 2017 approached, the students in English classes were working on Greek mythology. Students were given the options to work independently or with a small group of other students to choose a myth and retell it. To retell it, the students were challenged to take the Greek myth, which were traditionally told orally, and retell it in a modern visual medium. To accomplish this, they had to use critical and creative problem solving skills to analyze the story, rewrite it, and then create their new version. To cap the project, the students presented their projects to their class.

When students come back from Winter Break, we will begin a new unit, called “One Book, One School.” Every student in the school will be reading the same book, Bystander by James Preller. Over approximately 5 weeks, we will read the book and discuss characterization and figurative language during that time. Students who will need more of a reading challenged will be asked to read another book in the same genre with similar themes. In total, the unit should enhance the experience for the students by providing interesting reading material, further building a culture of reading in the school, and illuminating common ground that all students share, reading.