February 2017

Post date: Feb 22, 2017 7:40:47 PM

Since the beginning of the month, the students have read literature that takes place in a dystopia. As we've read, the students have discussed what themes they see occurring and how the author conveys those themes.

Now, the students are continuing this work by discussing and analyzing texts in small groups. Every third day, the students meet to discuss their book, share their opinions, and support their ideas with evidence from the text. As well, the students strive to consider multiple perspectives about the literature and to choose which ones are best supported.

Finally, the students have been visiting the library to participate in activities that focus on problem solving and perseverance. The activities ask the students to solve riddles and puzzles to unlock a box. To unlock the box, the students must read through information about utopias and dystopias, finding the information that best answers their questions.