April/May 2018

Post date: Apr 30, 2018 1:56:23 PM

In our unit on dystopian fiction, the students have been working diligently in their small groups. At this point, most of the groups have completed reading the first half of their novel and are beginning the second half. During class time, the students have been working collaboratively to delve into the deeper elements of the book, such as making connections between the world of their novel and our world today.

Another use of class time has been to hone discussion skills. Students have been working on asking thought-provoking questions as part of the discussions. As well, they challenge themselves to find multiple answers for those questions rather than settling on easy answers. Finally, the students are expected to utilize support from the text for all assertions, which is an important skill in any discussion.

To wrap-up this unit, the students will be working together to develop short presentations. The purpose of this assignment will be to analyze how the dystopia the group read fits or does not fit within the expectations of the dystopian genre.