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March News


Bienvenidos = Welcome

7th grade Spanish students finished up the month of February with the performance of a skit acting out dialogue in a Spanish café. Restaurant and food vocabulary were learned and practiced. In March the 7th graders will continue with food vocabulary and how to talk about it in complete sentences in Spanish.  The students are focusing on the conjugation of regular “er” and “ir” verbs.  The 7th grade Spanish students will also be practicing how to ask and answer questions in Spanish. There will be a unit test on chapter 5 in their books before the end of March.  At the end of the month students will be studying chapter 6 in their books, which teaches Spanish vocabulary about families and the houses they live in.

8th grade Spanish students will begin the month of March with a unit test covering the simple past tense of regular “er” and “ir” verbs, indirect object pronouns and vocabulary on museums, theater and movies.  In early March 8th grade Spanish students will begin a project called “Noche de Arte.” In this project students will be working in groups to create a google slide presentation on visual and performing arts that take place in Spanish speaking countries. Before the end of the month 8th grade Spanish students will begin chapter 11, which concentrates on air travel vocabulary, the present tense of some “irregular” verbs and the present progressive verb tense, which allows students to speak in Spanish about what they are doing

Homework is always posted on Google Classroom.

If you would like to contact Señor Miller, he can be reached by phone at:

(860) 526-9546 ext. 1208

or by email at: dmiller@reg4.k12.ct.us

Please take the time to visit the Spanish web site (under teacher web pages) and encourage your child to play the games, and maybe even teach you something. Señora Valencia, the Spanish teacher in Essex, creates the games using the vocabulary students are learning in class. A big part of learning a language is exposure and repetition. These games are a fun way to practice and reinforce what they are learning at school.

ABC Latino -A song singing the alphabet in Spanish can be downloaded to your computer from the file at the bottom of this homepage.

A Argentina                   O - ¡Olé!

B - Bolivia                       P - Paraguay

C - Cuba                          Q- Quito

Ch - Chile (Ch is no longer a letter in Spanish)                      

                                         R - República Dominicana

D - Don Quijote             S - El Salvador

E - España                       T - Titicaca

F - Flamenco                   U - Uruguay

G - Guatemala                V - Venezuela

H - Honduras                W X

I - Ibiza                            Z - Zaragoza

J - Julio Iglesias

K - ha, ha,ha

L - La Paz

Ll - ¿Cómo te llamas?  (Ll is no longer a letter)

M - Mexico

N - Nicaragua

Ñ - Niños y niñas

01 ABC Latino.m4a
David Miller,
Feb 16, 2016, 11:14 AM