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June News


Bienvenidos = Welcome

For the month of June, 7th grade Spanish students are using the creation and sale of a house to review most of the Spanish material they have covered this year. They will be describing the house that they create, activities a family can do within a house,  the imaginary school that is near their house, and other important activities that take place in the house’s neighborhood. (i.e., shopping, restaurants, park, etc.) The students will present their houses to the class as if they are real estate agents trying to sell the house to the class. The written and oral grades will count as a test.


8th grade Spanish students will begin the month of June by studying chapter 12 in their textbooks and learning reflexive verbs in Spanish. The knowledge of reflexive verbs (to shower oneself, etc.) will be useful as Spanish students continue the study of travel in Spanish by creating a vacation package to the Spanish speaking country of their choice. This is a group project where the students will be reviewing much of the Spanish curriculum covered at JW this year. Students will need to explain what one needs to do if one needs to go to the doctor on the proposed trip, what one needs to pack for their trip, and a sport played in the country. They will also plan trips to museums,  monuments,  and resorts, and will describe travel details such as train travel and flight information. Students will also explain one’s daily routine while abroad. This project will count for two test grades, one written, one oral.

Homework is always posted on Google Classroom.

If you would like to contact Señor Miller, he can be reached by phone at:

(860) 526-9546 ext. 1208

or by email at: dmiller@reg4.k12.ct.us

Please take the time to visit the Spanish web site (under teacher web pages) and encourage your child to play the games, and maybe even teach you something. Señora Valencia, the Spanish teacher in Essex, creates the games using the vocabulary students are learning in class. A big part of learning a language is exposure and repetition. These games are a fun way to practice and reinforce what they are learning at school.

ABC Latino -A song singing the alphabet in Spanish can be downloaded to your computer from the file at the bottom of this homepage.

A Argentina                   O - ¡Olé!

B - Bolivia                       P - Paraguay

C - Cuba                          Q- Quito

Ch - Chile (Ch is no longer a letter in Spanish)                      

                                         R - República Dominicana

D - Don Quijote             S - El Salvador

E - España                       T - Titicaca

F - Flamenco                   U - Uruguay

G - Guatemala                V - Venezuela

H - Honduras                W X

I - Ibiza                            Z - Zaragoza

J - Julio Iglesias

K - ha, ha,ha

L - La Paz

Ll - ¿Cómo te llamas?  (Ll is no longer a letter)

M - Mexico

N - Nicaragua

Ñ - Niños y niñas

01 ABC Latino.m4a
David Miller,
Feb 16, 2016, 11:14 AM