Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Procedures and rules are a part of life.  The reason we have procedures is so people can function in society knowing the proper and appropriate way to do things.  Procedures can make things run more efficiently, help people to be more successful, and also make things safer.  Think of what would happen if people didn’t follow the procedure at a stop sign or red light!  This classroom also has its own set of procedures.  These procedures help to establish our classroom culture.  When everyone follows the procedures, our class becomes safe productive learning environment.  Here’s to a wonderful, exciting, and productive year!

My expectations of your behavior in class looks like this, YOU ARE:

1.      Paying attention

2.      Cooperating and participating 

3.      Engaged and on task

4.      Ready and organized

5.      Respectful


    ·         If you break it you fix it

    ·         Treat others as you want to be treated!

    ·         All School Rules and Policies will be followed

    ·         High Five

1.      Prompt

2.      Positive

3.      Polite

4.      Prepared

5.      Productive


I hope that this is never applicable, however when rules are broken or my expectations are not met. We need to meet. I will ask you during the behavior to come see me after class. At this time the expectation is for your behavior to change immediately. When we meet be prepared to discuss why you acted in the manner that you did and what you are going to do to ensure that it does not happen again. If continued behavior arises or I feel you are not working up to your potential the next step is a letter or phone call home from you to your family explaining the situation. If need be a detention will be issued and finally a referral to the office. I believe in all of you and I know that there is no need for negative infractions or behaviors in our classroom, it is your responsibility to be a productive positive member of our class.


 Over view

1.     Conference with me

2.     Call home or letter home (to be signed) by you

3.     Detention

4.     Referral



   Just as there are consequences for poor behavior there are rewards for proper behavior. These will be established by class choice.

 When the Teacher Wants Your Attention

  When I want your attention, I will:

  • Stand in front of the class
  • Raise my hand
  • Wait for everyone to be quiet
  • Begin speaking


When You Want the Teacher’s Attention

If you need to get the teacher’s attention, raise your hand and patiently wait for me to respond.  If you are sick or it is an emergency, you may interrupt the teacher if she is speaking..

 How to Enter the Classroom

Calmly and quietly enter the room and take your seat.  Immediately get to work at your desk.  There will always be something for you to do.  Please do not enter the classroom if the door is closed, or if there is not a teacher present.

 Starting Class

You start the class- not the teacher!  And you need to start right away!

  1. Take out any homework due that day and put in homework bin.
  2. Check the board for the Daily Agenda
  3. Complete the “Do Now” activity that will be posted on the board, these will be graded periodically.
  4. If you have extra time: Study any skills or plans needed for today’s lesson, plan/work on/research your 20Plus projects, read silently. 

What to Do with Your Belongings

Please keep all of your belongings on the shelf under your chair or under the table during class.  Books, binders, and especially your iPad should be kept out of the aisles at all times for safety reasons.  It can quite treacherous when everyone’s stuff is spilling into the aisles, so please, let’s keep them clear.  Additionally, please keep all four legs of your chair on the GROUND at all times.  It is dangerous to lean back in your chair we don’t need any injuries J

If You Are Absent

Everyone will have an Absent Buddy to help if you are out, the Absent Buddy will write down what you missed on a “While You Were Out” form and attach any papers given out on that day.  These papers will be placed in the “Absent” binder.  It is your responsibility, not the teachers, to collect this work and see that it is handed in.  You have one day for every day that you were out plus one extra day to make up the work.  All tests and quizzes should be made up within five school days.

If You Are Tardy

If you are entering the class after it has started, put your late pass in the teacher’s inbox on her desk.  If you do not have a late pass, plan on explaining to your teacher what prevented you from making it to class on time. 


Be Prepared

Every day you need to come ot class prepared. That means having a sharpened pencil, notebook, and any other stated materials needed for the days work. Please sharpen pencils before class begins.  If necessary, you may sharpen your pencils during class but not while the teacher is speaking.  Use your own judgment to determine a good time.  Only one student at a time is allowed at the pencil sharpener. If you forgot a pencil or pen please take a feathered one from my board and return at the end of class.



Homework is assigned to help further knowledge of the days lesson or to prepare you for upcoming lessons. Homework will be found on the classroom website in case you need clarification. The expectation is that all homework is handed in on its due date. If you do not have your homework, you still need to turn in a paper.  There is a “Homework Excuse Notes” folder by the door for these instances.  Once you realize that you do not have your homework, take a Homework Excuse Note and fill it out completely.  Hand this paper in when the homework is collected. I understand that there are nights and circumstances that happen, just be upfront with me and we can always make a plan to get assignments done.


Using Your iPad in Class

We have ipads in the class for classroom use only. I encourage the use of the ipads and I want you to utilize websites that are pertinent to our classroom. This is not for personal use. I expect that they are handled with the utmost care and consideration. We are lucky that to have this access to technology so we need to respect them and care for them appropriately.


Using the Bathroom

You do not need to ask permission to use the bathroom; however, do not go during direct instruction time (while the teacher is talking) unless it is an emergency.  Only one student is allowed out of the classroom at a time to use the bathroom.  If you need to use the bathroom during class, sign your name out on the white board and sign the orange binder log out information: with the time near the door and take the bathroom pass.  When you return sign back in with the time.  Please remember to wash your hands before returning to class. 


Using the Classroom Library

I am a book lover and happy to share! I just ask that you ask permission and sign the book out.   Please treat each and every book with respect.  That means handle the books gently, and return it back (in a timely manner) to the bookcase when you are finished with it.

Using Classroom Supplies

This classroom is well stocked with supplies to help you complete your classwork.  The white bookcase by the closet has been designated as the Supply Center.  There, you can find:  white lined paper, graph paper, computer paper, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, tape, highlighters, expo markers and erasers, index cards, and rulers.  Please return all supplies back to their appropriate container when you are doing using them.  Note:  supplies are for use in the class only.  You may not borrow them to use in other classes.


If You Finish Your Work Early

If you finish your work before others are done, there are several things that you may do.

  • First, check to make sure that you followed all directions and completed the entire assignment.  Yes, there may be a back side to the paper!
  • Make sure your area is cleaned
  • Look for the exit slip for the day and complete.
  • If allowed, start working on tonight’s homework.
  • Work on your 20% project


Open Door Policy

I am here to help you learn. I want you to be successful. If there is ever a time that you need extra help or need to have a private conference with me. I can be available. Please see me or email me and we can discuss the best way to address your needs, concerns, or questions.


Substitute Teachers

There will be times when a substitute teacher is here. I expect the rules and classroom procedures to be followed exactly. Any person that enters our classroom will be treated with the utmost respect. I will assign your daily work as always. I will also grade one assignment from that day and it will count as a quiz grade, you will not know what assignment it is.


Classroom Discussions / Participation

All students are asked to participate in classroom activities.  Your teacher wants to hear what you have to say!  However, please make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion.  If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask it later.  Students should raise their hand to volunteer an answer or ask a question.  Please refrain from shouting out ideas without being called on. An active participant is one that is engaged, on task, and respecting the classroom rules. This is a part of you grade for the course.


Lab Behavior

A good portion of the curriculum involves hands-on lab activities. Appropriate behavior includes carefully reading and following all instructions, asking questions if you’re not sure about something, following safety procedures, and absolutely no joking or fooling around.  Certain labs may involve other precautions, which I will go over with you as needed.  ANY inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated for the safety of everyone in the room.


Classroom Infraction Notice

Classroom Infraction Notices are given to students who break classroom rules or guidelines, or who are behaving inappropriately.  If you are given a Guideline Infraction Notice:

  1. Read it
  2. Sign it
  3. Give it to your teacher at the end of class.

You will then discuss the reason why you were given the Classroom Infraction Notice and what you are going to do to prevent that behavior from happening again.


If You Need To Leave The Room

Ask permission, take hall pass, and sign name out on Who’s Out Board


If You Feel Sick

If you feel sick, tell your teacher and sign out in the Student Log Book.  Please put the Nurse’s pass on your desk.  Please let your teacher know if you feel faint or if you’re not sure you can make it to the nurse’s office alone.


If You Think You Are Going to Throw Up

If possible, tell someone near you that you feel sick.  Head directly to the bathroom!  Do not sign out.  Do not take a pass.  Just GO!


If the Fire Alarm Goes Off

If the fire alarm goes off, stop what you are doing immediately and quietly line up at the door.  This is not the time to talk!  The teacher will direct you to the nearest emergency exit.  The last person out of the classroom needs to shut the door.


End of Class Dismissal

The teacher dismisses the class, not the clock.  Do not start packing up your materials in anticipation of the end of class.  Class is over when I say: “Have a great day!”  Before you leave, take a look at the floor around you.  Pick up any items on the floor (whether they belong to you or not) and throw them in the trash if necessary.  Make sure to push in your chair before you leave and take ALL of your belongings with you.


Paparazzi Free Zone:

You cannot take pictures in the classroom without my permission


Everyday Materials Needed:

·         Binder

·         Notebook

·         Pencil or Pen


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