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Below is a list of those who are working on your behalf, if you feel able to add something to the group please drop us a line.

Pete Chappell 

Paul Taylor

Jacky Wilson
Financial/Administration Supervisor

Leanne Howell

Booking Officer
Emma Norris

Hall upkeep
John Murray

Holiday Cover
Pam Robinson 

Keith Robinson
Alan Johnston
Graham Strickland
Tina Wood

Not forgetting all the volunteers who help us out.

The Roles of Office Bearers

To chair committee meetings where hall business will be debated and decided.
If the Chairperson is absent from the meeting or is absent temporarily on the grounds of a declared conflict of interest, the person standing in shall preside and shall have a casting vote.

To keep accurate minutes of all committee meetings and deal with any business that arises from these meetings and with correspondence.

To keep an accurate record of all hall finances and produce an annual financial statement and have it independently checked.

Other committee members:

To give support to these officials and help to decide policy for the running of the hall. The hall committee should liaise with the local community to ensure that the use of the hall reflects local wishes, and to ensure that everyone in the community feels welcome.

Registered Charity number 288514

Email us: info@reffley.com