Reedsville School District

What is a School Social Worker? 

School social workers can assist children and students with overcoming a number of obstacles that could hinder both social and academic success. School social workers are the link between home, community and school.  

What does a school social worker do? 

§  Individual and group counseling

§  Crisis intervention and coordination                                          

§  School-home-community liaison

§  Connect families and students to community resources and services.

§  Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and families to ensure student success.


What issues can school social workers help with?

§  Mental well-being such as depression, anxiety, etc. 

§  Attendance, truancy, and dropouts

§  Behavior management

§  Students who are high risk for not graduating from high school

§  Basic human needs (i.e., food, shelter, clothing, health care)

§  Special education

§  Family trauma

§  Crisis

§  Homelessness

§  Parent-student relationships

§  School climate and environment (peer/teacher relationships)

§  Child abuse and neglect (mandated reporter)

§  Issues in home environment

§  Suicide