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You're Invited to Help Spread the Victory Garden Meme Online!

Read More About the Nascent Victory Garden Revival Here and Here.

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We bloggers can build greater interest and demand for Victory Gardening in our respective online communities if we work collaboratively. By replicating a Victory Garden/fall harvest meme, we can use our blogs to engage in some serious social entrepreneurship

Moreover, by writing about vegetable gardening in a particular way--united around a specific set of principles (gardening for ourselves, our pocketbooks and the planet), we'll be fueling interest in our online and real world communities.

Will you join us? And will you invite others to join us, too?

Below are some prompts illustrating the kinds of things you could cover on your blog during August and September. In most places it's either time to plant vegetable gardens for the Fall '08 season or time to start preparing for Spring '08. Over the Labor Day Weekend, the annual Slow Food Convention should have people buzzing about San Francisco's civic center victory garden, too. 

Therefore, right now is an ideal moment to talk about Victory Gardens and pump up interest to persuade more people to participate in the revival! And remember: you don't have to be a "garden blogger" to participate...bloggers covering all kinds of topics can do this. We also need both experienced AND new gardeners to help out!

To participate, you can (a) create a series of posts from these prompts or (b) you can just cut-and-paste and answer these questions together in one single post.

Victory Garden Meme Questions
  • What are your favorite local garden resources (ex. nurseries, blogs, reliable regional "celebrity" gardeners,county/parish extension office)?
  • What are your favorite books and magazines?
  • What have you had success with growing in your fall garden?
  • When do you plant and harvest it?
  • What is your favorite gardening tip?
  • Why do you call your garden a _________ (Victory Garden, Peace Garden, Freedom Garden, vegetable garden...etc.)?

It's time to make the Victory Gardening concept--and it's underlying principles of self-reliance and responsibility in the face of adversity--truly viral.

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