Redmond School District

    Our Schools: RSD operates five K-5 elementary schools; two K-8 community schools, two middle schools, one charter school, one educational center, two comprehensive high schools and one K-12 virtual school.

Our Students: We are proud to serve more than 7,000 students from the communities of Redmond, Terrebonne, Tumalo, Eagle Crest, Alfalfa and Crooked River.

Our Staff: Redmond School District employs a talented and dedicated team of more than 700 people.

Our Community: Redmond is a quiet, friendly town, nestled in the middle of Central Oregon, a center of activity and tremendous growth.

Success is possible for every child.

The Redmond School District has earned a well deserved reputation for strong schools that offer a wide range of opportunities for students. It is our goal that all graduates have the knowledge and skills of highly literate students; students who are college and/or career ready and have the tools necessary to be successful.