Welcome to Music!


My name is Travis Burdick and I am the elementary music teacher. I teach K-5 music, 6th grade Music Exploration, and Music Projects. This is my third year at the school and I love my work. 

I am excited for this year of music making and getting to know each student. I view music education as a way to develop students' imagination, empathy, ideas, and self-discipline. 

This year will have its own special challenges. Let us be gracious and kind to all as we navigate the new ways of keeping each other safe and healthy. Music has its own challenges during this pandemic--singing in groups without masks will not be possible; folk dancing that involves touch will not be possible. It is my intention to find new, creative ways for students to engage with music despite these restrictions. 

Music is a comfort during all times, but especially right now. May we find and create hope and joy throughout this school year. 

If you have questions or want to talk, I am available and glad to meet. 
You may email me at travis_burdick@redlodge.k12.mt.us

Mr. Burdick 


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