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June Newsletter

Summer is almost here.  The children are busy learning all about summer fruits and vegetables.  They are on insect hunts outside with magnifying glasses.  We are having fun playing with sand and bubbles.  Summer brings so many wonderful themes to explore.  Many classes will explore the ocean and learn about the life you find under the sea.  The last few days of school will be filled with songs, stories, active games, and fun art experiences.  Walking through the school you may see little super heroes in training camp learning what it takes to save the world or little artists exploring different types of paint mediums.  Laughter and excitement is filling the halls as we near the end of school.   Our last of day of school is June 14th.  We will have our annual Fun In The Sun Day.   It is a day filled with games that the children have fun playing with their classes.  The PTO always does a wonderful job making this a fun day for the children. 

We also will have our annual picnic at Hillside Park.  We look forward to a beautiful day filled with excitement as the children play with all their friends to celebrate the start of summer.  The four year old classes will have a special field trip to Shotwell Farm in Green to learn about bees, ducks, seeds, and life on the farm.  We are very excited for this special trip.  It is the first time we are going here but we are so blessed to have the opportunity to learn all about the animals on the farm.  

As the year is wrapping up, we are once again looking back at all the wonderful experiences the children have had this year.  We feel so blessed as teachers to have shared this year with your children.  As we review our Bible Stories, we are reminded that God's never ending love helped Noah build an ark, Moses save the Israelites, Joseph help Egypt during a famine, Daniel face the lions in their den, and of course the amazing gift of a little baby who saved the world from sin.  The children in Redeemer Preschool will leave this summer knowing that Jesus came to heal us and save us from all the bad things in the world.  They are our newest group of fisherman going out to spread the gospel with others.  There is nothing more rewarding then sharing the love of God with children.    They remind us to have that innocent faith like a child. 

We wish the best to the Redeemer Preschool Graduation Class of 2017.   You will move mountains!

We wish everyone a very happy and safe summer! 

See everyone in September!

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