Night 2016

The pdf that I am marking up in class

Requirements for the Night unit

Common Core Standards addressed in Night

An International Tribute to Elie Wiesel: A Community Reading of Night

NIGHT by Elie Wiesel: 2016

Grades (so far) for this unit:

  • · Highlighting and taking notes as we go
  • · Constructed response on the use of the image “the germ of hope”
  • · Constructed response on how the author uses powerful imagery to convey themes
  • · Extra Credit: Imagery collage- common words are given deeper meaning
  • · Random multiple choice quizzes at any time

We will read the first 72 pages or so together to study in depth.

  • · Students will finish the rest on their own.
  • · Students are expected to read ahead so our discussions will not be the first time they are reading the section.

What do you highlight in your book?

You should write or highlight something on EVERY PAGE.

These help you understand the progression of the story:

· Geographic locations

· New people introduced

· Holocaust horrors

· Sense of Jewish community

· Changes in his health

· State of his Jewish faith and in God

· Selections and judgments

· Images

o Metaphors

o Similes

o Personification

o Pictures in your head

· Religious allusions (Biblical)

These will help you to address the requirements of the Common Core Standards:

· Lines of dialogue that propel the action forward

· Incidents that propel the action forward

· Lines of dialogue that reveal something about the character

· Meaningful events and what they reveal about the character

· Lines of dialogue that provoke a decision

· Incidents that provoke a decision

All of these are used by the writer to convey the themes of the book.

These are other things you can write in your book to dialogue with the text as you read:

· Questions about what is happening

· Predictions about what will happen

· Connections you make to other texts

· Keywords so you can remember what that page was about