Collection 1

Unit 1 “Culture and Belonging”

Performance Task: (DUE ????) At the end of this collection, students will write an expository essay focusing on the challenges immigrants face and the adjustments immigrants make. Students will use information learned in Unit 1 to create an expository essay focusing on immigration and the effects it has on individuals adjusting to a new culture.

Literary Terms students need to know:


Quizlet Practice

Performance Task

Requirements for the Essay

Outline Suggestions


Bonne Annee

Bonne Annee story

Bonne Annee guiding questions

Bonne Annee Essay Samples to get a C.

Bonne Annee Paragraph brainstorming sheet

Bonne Annee Worksheet

Highlighted first half of Bonne Anne

Highlighted version of second half of Bonne Anne

Brainstorming sheet to help determine theme

My Favorite Chaperone

My Favorite Chaperone close read questions

Close reading activities in this unit will focus on

character analysis- main, minor, dynamic, static

text structure- exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, conflict

conflict- internal, external

connecting with the narrator

Similes in My Favorite Chaperone

You will also be writing an objective summary of the story: approximately 300 words typed.

Slideshows on Chaperone

Objective Summary

Theme developed through characters, setting, and plot

How incidents propel the action

How imagery is used in the story

Challenges and adjustments made by immigrants in the story

Literary terms in My Favorite Chaperone

A Place to Call Home

Skim and Scan Worksheet

The Latehomecomer

Figurative Language Activity

(Definitions here)

BookTV interview with the author video

Guiding questions

Guiding Questions Sections 2 and 3

Snapshot/Thoughtshot Writing

Literature Book

End of Unit Benchmark Test:

Practice: We will review the results in detail.