Argument Essay

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Debate Scoring (see this document)

The link above contains ALL the details on exactly how you will be scored. 

Only the winner can get an A... unless you use visuals which give you extra points.

Schedule for debates (here)

You MUST be ready to go when it is your time.

You will go when it is your time.

Organizer for your debates Section 1  Section 2  Section 3

Visuals for your debate Section 1 Section 2  Section 3

Argumentative Essay 

After students have completed their debates, they are expected to write an essay.

The essay will be formatted just like the debate.

Students will have brainstormed for the debate, so they should be experts on their position.

Students will have participated in the debate, so they will know the counterclaims and how to rebut them.

The essay should cite sources.

The essay should have a bibliography.

The requirements are listed on the Google Doc assigned below.

Students should use this Google Doc for their final draft of the argumentative essay:

Section 1 (soon)

Section 2

Section 3

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Introduction Notes


This is a very good video on how to write an introduction.

Very Simple Intro:

I will be arguing about ____________.

After researching and exploring the topic, I am going to prove to you that   pro/con topic. 

We should _________ because reason 1, reason 2, reason 3.

A good introduction 


1-2 sentences

See this list of ideas.


1-2 sentences

Give us a context or purpose for debating this.

Clear thesis

1 sentence- ex. Schools should not require students to wear uniforms.

Preview your organization

1, 2, and 3 main reasons

Quick, quick, quick

You will discuss these in detail.


     I will have argued about ____________. I have proven to you that   _____________. We should _________ because reason 1, reason 2, reason 3. I have also discussed how… (list some of the points you covered in the part where you refuted the other side.)


3 if just uses my conclusion
4 if my conclusion and a little more
5 if does 1,2,3 and states a few points he/she has discussed from opponent and gives the listeners a directive, something to do now that they have heard the debate (I.E., we should vote for you because you had the better argument.)

Resources for Argument Essay

Videos for Argument
Video 1 Argument Essay
Video 2 Shmoop Argument
Video 3 Shmoop Counterclaims
Video 4 Shmoop Introductions
Video 5 Shmoop Thesis Sentence
Video 6 Shmoop Conclusions
Video 7 Rabbit
Video 8 Refuting Counterclaims
Video 9 Examining an example essay