Classroom update

The Red Camel International School prides itself on its academic rigour, flexibility and student centric approach. We develop skills in creative thinking, learn and solve problem.The Curriculum develops  learner knowledge understanding skills in:

  •    Subject Content
  •   Applying Knowledge and Understanding  to new as well as Unfamiliar situations
  •    Intellectual enquiry
  •    Responsiveness to change
  •    Influencing outcomes

  Classroom update is designed to avail about:

  •    Happenings inside the classroom
  •    Image/Videos and Explanations of  the activities in the class
  •    Theme-wise  -  Updates
  •    Classroom updates are from Nursery to grade 5
  •    Splash (shows): How teacher preserves, sustain and look of classroom events and activity
  •     To keep a track on the Performance of your child