Our Partners

At Real Estate Concierges we are always looking for opportunities to partner with organizations who share our goals and values in the real estate sector.  If you would like to become our "TEAM CLIENT" Partner, please contact us

Mortgage Lenders   |   Mortgage Brokers   

We believe in keeping the "Customer for Life" and will continue to refer clients back to Mortgage Lenders for refinance, new purchase, etc.  We invite Lenders to our online Google+ blog to co-market their services.  Lenders are the fundamental building block to getting buyers into their dream home.  We believe in working closely together to do what's beneficial for the client.  Our "TEAM CLIENT" partnership provide effective communication throughout the transaction and building relationships long-term. 

4100 Alpha Rd, Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75244

1600 Airport Freeway, Suite 402
Bedford, Texas 76022

Title Companies
We need strong, motivated, caring partners in order to get to closing.  We believe in working with title companies who will do what it takes to get our clients to their goal of buying and selling real estate.  By working together, we can can stay on track to meet closing date on timely manner. 

3915 McDermott Rd, Suite 200
Plano, Texas 75025

Home Inspectors

Home inspection can help the transaction process go a lot easier and smoother when buyers are informed of any upgrades needed down the road and sellers having a pre-inspection done before listing their property.  We believe in building "TEAM CLIENT" Partnership with inspectors who will help our clients feel more comfortable about their decision and be satisfied of the work. 

Home Builders

Our top-notch plan to sell client's existing homes includes: coordinating their move, setup utilities, comprehensive knowledge of New Home Construction processes, and supportive role working with New Home Sales Counselor.  By working as "TEAM CLIENT," we can bring more focus and closings for your new home. 

Corporate Recruiters   |   Recruiters   |   Head Hunters

Real Estate Concierges is not just about the transaction, we go Beyond the Transaction in educating clients about their community social and economic development.  We help manage employees home purchase, coordinate their move, and setup utilities to ensure they are productive on Day 1.  We offer these services at no cost to you and your employees.  In addition, we are about giving back to the community through scholarships to help the next generation of America become our community leaders.


We will help you build your real estate portfolio, understand value analysis for acquiring, selling, holding, leasing, connect you with Top Level PM services, set realistic expectations for value analysis, estimated turns, estimated long and short term repairs.

Leadership Groups   |   Membership Groups   |   Networking Groups

The Real Estate Concierges Team is a value-added real estate company that provide a niche service that offers to help next generation of leaders and investors not just find a home, but enjoy their home and get the most out of their investment.  We believe in building strong relationships and being the source of your business needs.