Steve Baker

This is the personal home page of steven baker. The Real Steven Baker. There are many fake Steven Bakers out there. Some of them may even be software engineers in the san francisco bay area, working at a search-related company. Don't be confused. Don't trust them. They're frauds. They're not the Real Steven Baker. Even the Steve Baker who is a harmonica player in Germany. And the Steve Baker who plays Aussie Rules Football and wears the requisite tiny short shorts. And the Steve Baker who is a Chemical Engineering professor. Charlatans, all.

There can be only one; I am he, and he is me.

Who am I?

First off, I am a construction worker.

When not constructing things, I am a software engineer at a search company that starts with a G and ends in an E.

My wife and I recently traveled 3 months around the world. Here is our blog.

My wife tells me that this page has absolutely no content, so it's no wonder people aren't reading it. Well then, here's my bio.

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