Welcome at Entourage

In the wonderful sight of "Westerwolde" in the south-eastern part of the Province Groningen in the north of Holland.

A wonderful garden, called Entourage, is waiting for you.  In that garden, around the former farmhouse "De Ramhorst", a small camping site is situated.

Where you can hear silence......always.......because in the lovely garden there are only 15 tents alllowed.

In the evening, at the campfire, you can enjoy the great starry sky. At day time quiet country-roads invite you to discover the unique environment. On the terrace you can quiet down, while you enjoy the view on the garden. Sanitary provisions are of excellent quality !

There is a kichenette with a gas-cooker and a refrigerator. There is also a coffee-machine, a water cooker and some other kitchen equipment. A meal (breakfast, dinner, BBQ) can be taken care if, but only after reservation. You pay € 9,50 p.p. per night (incl. shower and Touristtax).

In the Farmhouse we created also a cosy and luxurious guesthouse. It is for hire for just a weekend of for a week. The prices, depending of the number of persons, ranging from € 80,00 till € 345,00