Let's work together on building cool stuff for the Read/Write Library.

Please introduce yourself in the Introductions page, and feel free to add anything else you think is necessary.  I will work on creating a list of projects, but for now you can take a peek at the history of our development.

Update: 10/20/2013
The site has been migrated to Drupal 7 and is responsive. The next steps are to get the template updated so it's easier to get dynamic content, as well as freshen up the look and feel.

Update: 1/8/2012
Content people: you all should have the correct permissions to edit the pages on the site.

Git people: The repository has the test site for Drupal 7 development. 

The plan for now is that we will work on Drupal 7 site development. Please read this blog post and documentation for the plan: http://www.gloriousgeneralist.com/2011/10/social-networking-the-catalog-lita-national-forum-2011-presentation/
(Yes it could use some fleshing out)

I will personally work on migrating the current site's content. I am guessing this will appear in the ALA Midwinter Drupail FAIL! panel. :-)

Update: 11/28/2011

Thanks for signing up to be part of the tech team. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Now that one holiday is out of the way, I wanted to get started on some projects for the Read/Write Library before the next set is upon us. Thanks so much for your questions and ideas over the last few weeks!

One task is to get some people to work on keeping the site content up to date. This is probably best for people who are more regular volunteers and know the library's programs and spirit better (i.e. we don't write copy like everyone else...). The major task is keeping the list of upcoming events up to date and interesting, as well as working on pages for neighbors, staff, volunteers, thanks, etc. These will all be listed on the task list. Add some pages if you feel it's necessary, but as always we want to keep the content to a minimum. I think Rob had some good notes for content strategy. 

Another task is to upgrade the site to Drupal 7. I have been working on this very slowly over the past few months, but run into problems with doing a straightforward upgrade on my local machine. I also need to outline the plan more for what happens in the 7 site, because there are some changes.

In re: Drupal, we also need to work more on making the data more semantic. I.e. we need to map our fields to Dublin Core, and work on some ways to make it easy to export in XML so that people can work with the data. There are a few modules to help with this, but this will take some work. The other big issue with our data is the dates. I met some people working on a very similar project last weekend who built the Fuzzy Dates module to help with the issue we have, so that's something to look into.

In all of this, particularly with so many people working on it, we need to establish version control. Rob has set up a repository and instructions for Github, but there's nothing there yet. I will get something up there in the next few days (I promise!!!). Until then, if you think you want to work on developing the site, work through a few Git tutorials and we will all figure it out together. If you only want to work on content or researching development, please just make an account and let me know what it is.