Readin' Machines

All About Us

Stacey Gabel - Author


Inspired by her young son’s fascinations with tractors and his equally strong desire to learn, read and inspect anything to do with tractors, Stacey wanted to create a book for a genre that didn’t seem to exist.  She wanted to give young readers, like her son, something more than just tractor brochures to read.  As a result, Stacey has authored a first reader book dealing with tractors and what these great machines accomplish on a farm.

As a young girl growing up in Northwest Ohio, Stacey spent countless hours reading books, playing school and babysitting children.  These same activities shaped her career as a middle school teacher and now author.

Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the Ohio State University and a master’s degree in elementary education from Bowling Green State University.  She still resides in rural northwest Ohio with her husband and two children.

Richard Neuman - Illustrator

Artist Richard Neuman transforms images of everyday life into universally appealing paintings - each with a touch of whimsy. His meticulously detailed pieces of artwork range from tractors to bulldozers; barns to baskets; lighthouses to schoolhouses.

Richard holds a bachelors degree in advertising design and a master’s degree in art graphics with a minor in business. His corporate career was based in the publishing and advertising industry. He has worked in New York City for the world's largest advertising agency and in Ohio for two Fortune 500 companies.

In 1986 he left the corporate world to form his own company focusing on his artwork. His success is attributed to the combination of his artistic talent with a broad background in product development, marketing and a high utilization of technology.

Richard uses traditional media combined with digital technology to provide artwork ready for use in printing, web publishing and product manufacturing. The popularity of his work is worldwide with private patrons in dozens of countries. Disney, Hallmark and Cracker Barrel have marketed his art. Clients include General Electric, KOA, Longaberger Basket Company, HealthNet, Biogen Idec, John Deere Company and Creative Memories. Images from his collection of over 400 images have been licensed to a variety of manufacturers and businesses.

To see more of Richard Neuman's work, consult The Richard Neuman Print Collections site.