We're sorry, but ReadPlease is discontinued .

  • ReadPlease 2003 for Windows has been discontinued (text-to-speech software).
  • We are no longer selling ReadPlease or providing support.
  • We are working on a Mac version http://readerpal.com which will be available on the App Store.


Existing customers ONLY may download the zip files at bottom of this page.

  • ReadPlease PLUS 2003
  • ReadPlease 2003 / ReadPlease Plus 2003 (11MB)

Existing customers

You can still download ReadPlease and get a Registration code 

for ReadPlease Plus 2003 and ReadingBar as provided below.

Code for ReadPlease Plus 2003

º Please print this email for your records. 

Free upgrade from ReadPlease Plus 2002 - just download latest version. 
---- º Here is your Registration Code: 
Registration Name: READPLEASE 
Registration Code: 939718100231563 

º Follow these 4 steps to register:
1- Start ReadPlease Plus 2003
2- A Screen for Registration will appear
3- Enter this in the boxes:
Registration Name: READPLEASE
Registration Code: 939718100231563

Be sure to enter this exactly as shown.
Your code is dependent on your name.
Your code *only* contains numbers.

4- Press the [Register] button, and
you should see a message indicating
that your copy is now registered.

º Note:
You can always return to the registration screen later by:
1- Select the Help menu
2- Select Registration choice

º A copy of your order is below this message. 

º There is a complete Help file with ReadPlease, access from menu:
Help | Contents

[ReadPlease ReadingBar Registration]

º Please print this email for your records. 
º Here is your Registration Code: 

ReadingBar 2 Registration Code 
0008 7719 8726 21B3

To enter your code, launch Internet Explorer Click on the ReadPlease icon on the ReadingBar toolbar. SelectUnlock Reading Bar 
RP- Admin,
Jun 7, 2013, 6:38 AM
RP- Admin,
Jun 7, 2013, 6:39 AM