Drake 1st Grade

Hello first graders and families!

As we start the next few weeks with a “new” type of learning. I have found a few different educational sites that can help us keep up with our learning in the comfort of our home! None of these are required to do, and I understand that the internet isn’t an option as well. Be creative and have some fun learning! Reading books, baking and cooking, art projects, Go Noodle dances! Take pictures and share with me as you complete fun outside of the box learning!


As of right now, these are the resources I have gathered. I will keep a running list going and keeping you in the loop with new ones!


I know there are so many changes going on for the weeks to come! Hang in there, I will continue to gather resources to help keep our learning alive. If you need anything from me at any point please let me know! I am here for the kids and for you!


I appreciate all of your work and thoughtfulness in this process!



I love and miss you all!!!!

Mrs. Drake