I was talking to a former seventh grade student (whom I know very well...) and she asked about what I would be teaching this year... "you're teaching science this year?!"... and then she said, "whatever you do, you have to make it your goal to make science NOT boring!" Wow, I couldn't believe it. How could science be 'boring' ? That's like saying language or social studies is boring, but that's a whole other story. Any way, you must repeat after me... "science is not boring, science is not boring"... and repeat this as often as possible until you believe it, and my job is to make you believe that as quickly as possible this fall, and then capitalize on your excitement around science to create possibilities that will blow your mind!

Here's a pdf that explains what you will be exploring and learning about this year (just the grade 7 stuff, unless of course you want to know/do more, then you can do that:)

OK, that's a deal:) Internet high five below, and now, let's get started!
 image via photosam88