HHHS Off Campus Programs

Welcome to the Hunting Hills Off- Campus Education site!

The off-campus education program provides an opportunity for students to enhance and apply, in real life situations, knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired through course work here at the school.  It also allows our students to pick up skills that they can not necessarily learn here at Hunting Hills (For example: customer service, dealing with employers & fellow employees in a work setting, etc.)

This program is a partnership between the student, the school, the employer, parents, and the community. These partnerships provide opportunities for students to explore and expand their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful activities, situated in community based work environments. 

There are 3 paths that students might take within the off-campus education program here at Hunting Hills:

·         Work Experience
·         Registered Apprentice Program (RAP)
·         Internships (info to be added later)

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Your coordinators:  Mr. T. Mah & Mrs. E. LaRose