Welcome to my website.  The purpose of this site to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in our class and any upcoming events.   I hope you find this site helpful!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or write a note in your child's agenda . 
Have a wonderful day!
**Please note that our classroom is peanut/tree nut aware. 

Welcome to a new school year!

I am excited to have your child in my class!  We are anticipating a productive, challenging, and rewarding year in grade one.  Each student brings strengths, skills, and character that are unique to our classroom.  To help you become better acquainted with our classroom, I have put together an information booklet for you, which includes some information about our classroom and some general school procedures.  Please keep this handbook in a special place, so that you will have it to refer to throughout the school year. 


Daily Schedule

8:30 - Entry Bell

10:21 – 10:37 – Recess

11:50 – 12:20 – Recess

12:20 – 12:40 – Lunch

3:14 – Dismissal

} Students are encouraged to bring a healthy morning snack to eat. Items such as fruit, granola bars, yogurt, cheese and crackers, etc. are good options – please avoid sending sticky, sugary treats for morning snack.

General School Procedures

Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process.  When your child is absent or tardy, he or she misses valuable instructional time.   If your child is sick or is going to be absent from school, please call and let the school office know prior to 8:30 a.m.  If your child is late for school (after 8:36), they are asked to stop by the office and sign the book before coming to the classroom.  Also, please write a note in your child’s agenda if your child has an appointment or has to leave school early for some reason. 


Picking Your Child Up After School

Our class enters and exits through the south doors of the school.  At the end of the day, I would encourage you to pick up your child at their locker or outside as our hallway is extremely crowded.  Please ensure your child knows where to meet you after school.  There will be teacher supervision on the playground until 3:30. 


Star Students

Each student will have an opportunity to be “Star Student” for a week.  I will send home a schedule so you know when your child will be “Star Student”.  I will send home a star poster the week before your child’s star week.  Please take some time to fill in and decorate the star poster with your child (add colour and photos) and return to school on the Monday of your child’s star week.  Encourage your child to print and decorate as much as they can on their own.  Please only decorate the front side of the poster, as we will be displaying these posters on a bulletin board.  Also, feel free to send additional photos for your child to share during their star week.  These photos can be displayed on the bulletin board around your child’s poster.  I will return the photos at the end of your child’s star week.  Please watch for the star schedule and more details about your child’s star week to come home soon.


Communication Folders

Your child will be bringing home an agenda, home reading books, and any unfinished work or homework in a folder each day. The purpose of these folders is to make communication between home and school convenient for parents, students and teachers.  The “Home” side will contain any information being sent home.  The “School” side is for information that you send back to school.  Please ensure that your child’s folder is emptied daily at home, and returned to school each morning.  Please take good care of them.  



Please remember to sign your child’s agenda each night and return it to school each day.  We will try to write a note to you each school day.  Your child will receive a stamp on their punch card for each day that you have signed their agenda.  Once their punch card is full, they can choose a prize from the prize box.  Also, please feel free to communicate with me through your child’s agenda.  There is a space for you on the right side of the page. 


Parent Helpers

We enjoy having parent helpers in grade one!  I would prefer to have the month of September alone with the children, to establish classroom routines and expectations.  For the safety of our students, our school district has a policy requiring a current police check and 2 letters of reference for any individuals interested in helping out in the classroom or chaperoning field trips.   Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and returned it to the office, you are welcome to sign up for a morning or afternoon starting in October.  Please write me a note in your child’s agenda if there is a date that you are interested in helping out.  Please arrange for childcare for your preschool children during your helper time, whether it is in the classroom or on a field trip.  It is very exciting for the children to have a parent in our classroom, and it is fun for you to see how we spend our day!   


Home Reading Program

Research has shown that a child’s reading success is greatly enhanced by regular one-on-one reading experiences at home, as well as at school.  Our home reading program will begin in the next few months.  Please watch for more details to follow.


Please do not send lunches that require heating, as we do not have access to a microwave for heating up student lunches.  Students who wish to have hot lunches may bring previously heated food to school in a thermos.


Physical Education Program


Our class participates in physical education every day.  Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear (indoor running shoes) each day.  Students who wear dress clothes or dress shoes, sandals, or flip-flops should be prepared to change into appropriate clothing and footwear before our P.E. period.  Slick shoes or restrictive clothing can be hazardous during physical education activities.  If your child has a legitimate medical reason which would prevent him or her from participating in gym on a particular day, please write a note to let me know.



We are scheduled to have library on Wednesdays.  Children may sign out 2 books, and keep them for 1 week.  Books must be returned before signing out any new books.  Please take good care of these books, as you will be required to pay for lost or damaged books.



Homework will be kept to a minimum this year.  We will have sound books, home reading, weekly spelling lists, and Bible verses to memorize.  However, if a child is falling behind in their work, or has not made good use of class time, incomplete assignments will be sent home so the child can complete them.  Please return all homework to school the next school day for marking.


Remind is an easy and convenient way to receive classroom updates and reminders through text.  Please sign up for our class Remind.  Text @1w20161 to (587)803-0190.  This will be the primary method of sending reminders this year.


I will be sending home a note in the next few days for you to fill out your email address.


Water Bottles

Children are welcome to bring a water bottle to use at snack and lunchtime.  We have a water fountain in the hallway for your child to get a drink if they are thirsty during class time.


Parent-Teacher Communication

Please feel free to contact me at the school if you have any questions or concerns.  As well, please let me know if there is anything else special that you think I should know about your child (ie. allergies, health concerns, etc.)  I believe a child’s development is significantly enhanced when parents and teachers keep one another informed as to how a child is behaving and progressing at school and at home.  Please keep in touch!  I look forward to working with you and your child this year!


J Blessings J,

Mrs. K. Wolfmeyer