Welcome to Grade 2


Monday, October 16

- New spelling unit
- election in gym all day, we will be outside for P.E.

Tuesday, October 17

- Farm to School produce ready for pick-up

Wednesday, October 18

-Library Books due 

- Music

Thursday, October 19

Friday, October 20

-Reading Buddies
- Smart Friday
- Spelling test
  • Fall Break - Nov. 9-12

Hello Parents/Guardians and families of 2W!

Thank you to each one who came to the parent conference. I was glad to get to know you a little more and learn some things about your child that will help me to help them be successful in grade 2.
We will be beginning to read with our Reading Buddies this week. Please ask your child who their reading buddy is.
We will be beginning the Home Reading Program. Your child will bring home a letter, a recording book and a reading book.
We will be doing lots of language arts activities around the theme of pumpkins and scarecrows this month.
We will continue reviewing the sounds of the short vowels, as well as learning about the silent e at the end of words, and begin learning about the sounds that vowel combinations make.
After finishing our study of patterns, we will progress to learning about sorting and how to use sorting rules.
Our study of Small Crawling and Flying Animals continues and in Social Studies we will continue learning about maps and then move on to studying about Canada.

I appreciate that you are signing your child's agenda each day. This is a great way for us to communicate and for your child to learn about organization.