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January 28 - Feb 1

Week of  January 28 - Feb 1

 Day Other Important Information
MondaySledding for Phys. Ed.
Hot Lunch
Tuesday Library 
 WednesdayAssembly hosted by the grade 3 classes

School Hours for 2018-2019

Entry Bell - 8:15 a.m.
Classes Begin - 8:17 a.m.
Recess - 10:17-10:32 a.m.
Lunch - 12:02-12:22 p.m.
Entry Bell - 12:52 p.m.
Classes Begin - 12:54 p.m.
Dismissal - 2:49 p.m.

Contact Information

Email: janis.smith@rdpsd.ab.ca
Phone: 403-343-8958

Upcoming Events:

January 28 - Hot Lunch

January 30 - Catch the Spirit Assembly - Grade 3 is hosting

February 7 - School Dance

February 14 - Staff Learning Day - No School

February 15 - Feb 24 - Winter Break/Canada Winter Games

February 25 - Hot Lunch

February 28 - Assembly

 Please practice this poem for the assembly on January 30th.

Winter Games


The Canada Winter games are coming to Red Deer

They say the sports will be tough this year

Athletes from coast to coast will be ready to play

Inside and outside. All night, and all day

With Skates and Skis, they head out into the cold

To play and race one another for the gold

They jump,  they spin, they shoot, they score

We watch them go. We watch them soar

See the paddles and arrows. The racquets and rocks

Hitting hard, flying straight, playing through the knocks

Archery, Badminton, Table tennis, too

Curling and squash, Family and friends cheer Yahoo!

So many sports, can we catch them all?

Artistic swimming, snowboarding and wheelchair basketball

Don’t forget boxing, trampoline, gymnastics and judo

Win with a hit, a trick, or even a hip throw.

It’s just so exciting! We can’t wait to go

To see all these sports on courts, and ice, and snow

Working hard, and trying their best

Celebrating all athletes during their Winter games que

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We’re thrilled to share the news: Thanks to you, Bell Canada has informed us that they will #ReverseTheFee. As a result, we can continue to offer Remind text notifications for everyone who has a phone plan with Bell Canada or its subsidiaries.

There will be no service disruption for anyone on the Bell network, and we’re grateful for Bell’s commitment to supporting accessible communication for all educators, students, and parents in Canada.

Unfortunately, text notifications will still be ending on Monday, January 28 for anyone with Rogers Canada or its subsidiaries. To continue receiving Remind messages, they’ll need to download the mobile app orenable email notifications, both of which are free to use.

But in the last few weeks, we’ve seen the difference that educators can make. To ensure that every teacher, student, and parent in Canada can continue using Remind—no matter their phone carrier—please keep making your voice heard by asking Rogers to #ReverseTheFee at 1-855-381-7834and on social media.

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