Welcome to 1K!

We will be sending a page home daily to let you know about the important things that are happening in our classroom. Please read everyday.
  • Monday -  Continue with writing all week, review the addition strategies we have covered

  • Tuesday -  Continuing with word families all week, making ten

  • Wednesday - Writing, Addition strategies to 18

  • Thursday - Addition strategies to 18

    • Friday - Writing

    Dear Parents, 

    We are getting ready for our Valentine’s Day celebration on Thursday, February 11th. We would like volunteers to bring an individually wrapped snack for the class. We are looking for one volunteer per snack item: 

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables

    • cheese/crackers

    • Meat

    • juice boxes

    • 1 sweet treat

    To avoid an over abundance of food, we will take the first volunteer for each item. Please email your child’s teacher if you would like to volunteer. 


    Valentine’s day cards need to be brought in by Monday, February 8th in order to be quarantined before our celebration. Please see the attached list of student’s names and we ask that you make one for each student. 

    We appreciate your support to help make these celebrations exciting for the children during this difficult year. 

    The Grade 1 Team

    Valentine’s Day List

         Adele            Ariya

          Ben Corbin

             Hailey     Hunter

             Josie      Kanish

    Kendal      Kennedie

    Maebyn      Merrick

    Panth          Ryder

    Sadie           Sameer

    Shelby         Turner

    Tyson           Zoey

    School Re-Entry

    Important Notes

    • Student V.I.P information on Class info page. 
      • You will also see a copy of our class list on the class info page.

    • Please sign up for our new messaging system through PowerSchool. Click on the parent link

    Contact Information

    Email: tawnee.kilpatrick@rdpsd.ab.ca

    Phone: 403-348-0050

    We ask that you go through the screening checklist daily before you send your child to school. We want to make sure that we are diligently ensuring the safety of our students. 


    BW Calendar

    Important Websites

    Teacher Usernames: 

    Teach Your Monster To Read

    If using the App, when logging in, set Icon id pdf (star code) to 501194


    8:55- Entry Bell Time

    1015- 10:30- 1st recess - Cohort A

    12:00-12:30 Lunch Recess 

    12:30- 1:00- Eating Time

    2:00- 2:15 - 2nd Recess - Cohort A

    3:30 - Dismissal