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Raz-kids: teacher bfichter2  your password is your chromebook password

Prodigy- class code 4CDC51

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*This is our final day with help from our wonderful EAs. 
*Final day of online learning- June 19th

video agenda

Friday, May 29

Read- do independent reading for 15 mins

Word Play: In google classroom

-  Out of the Box- 

- Word Ladder-

Math- I’m posting a couple of riddle pages in google classroom about geometric shapes for you to try. The answers are on the 2nd pages.

We will review 2D shapes next week and start 3D shapes.

In our group meetings I plan to review concepts involving decimals/fractions and division. 

Thursday, May 28 

Reading: remember to do at least 15 mins of reading today

Main Idea Assignment:

I have a set of task cards about main ideas for you to try today.

For the first 3 cards you have a small paragraph to read and figure out what the main idea is. The last card has a set of 4 pictures that you need to write a main idea sentence about.

Math: Today we are going to go over identifying names of 2d shapes and identifying their characteristics.

There is a video lesson and a set of assignments.

Wednesday, May 27

Reading-do independent reading for 15 mins



 -open your google classroom to find “Weekly Journal” - Food truck is the topic this week


Main idea assignment:

There’s a video answer key for yesterday’s main idea assignment. ( I plan to go over this assignment in our meetings today as well) I noticed that several people had some difficulties with this assignment and I wanted to give you a better idea of how to complete the task so you can do better on your next one.


Math: we will review lines and angles

Lesson 3 - polygons and 2D shapes

Assignment: -review angles and congruent shapes

  • polygons




Tuesday, May 26

Reading-do independent reading for 15 mins


Sorry about the sequencing activity -part 8 - I’ve fixed the problem and reposted it in google classroom for today.

Using Pictures:

This is a new set of activities where you will be given a picture and ask to make notes about what is happening in the picture. The slides have sections where you can type your responses- you don’t need kami. 

Each activity will focus on a different reading skill.

Today’s skill is MAIN IDEA.



Math: We will review Congruency and Symmetry

Lesson 2 - lines and angles

Assignment- review for symmetry and congruent shapes

  • Types of lines and angles






Monday, May 25

Reading: remember to do at least 15 mins of reading today

I hope you all enjoyed the novel. I’m not planning to do another whole class novel, during our reading time we will use RazKids and other reading passages.

Sequencing:It’s Our Party - part 8

  • You will need to look at the questions on the second page and then use the colored lines to find the answer in the stories on page 1.

Math:Geometry unit- here’s the plan 

  • Lesson 1 - congruency and symmetry

  • Lesson 2 - lines and angles

  • Lesson 3 - polygons and 2D shapes

  • Lesson 4 - quadrilaterals

  • Lesson 5 - 3D shapes

  • Lesson 6 - nets

  • Lesson7 * gr5* - transformations: translations,    reflections, rotations

Lesson 1 - congruency and symmetry- there’s a video lesson and an assignment in google classroom.