Monday. Sept. 24
  • Mapping and Math quizzes coming home today. Please initial the Math quiz and return.
  • Terry Fox Run is this Thursday. We are collecting donations for Cancer Research. Any amount is most welcome!
  • New Spelling List #3 this week.
  • math homework sheet due Thursday
Tuesday, Sept. 25

Wednesday, Sept. 26

Thursday, Sept. 27
  • Terry Fox Run at 2:15
  • math homework sheet due today
Friday, Sept. 28
  • Spelling quiz
  • Orange Shirt Day - The goal is to develop an awareness about the residential schools First Nations people were forced to attend.
Coming Up...
October 4th - Parent teacher conferences
October 5th - Staff Learning and Planning day - no school
October 8th - Thanksgiving


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The Wilson Ways
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Resilient

        Mindset is the perception people have about                    themselves and their ability. A person with a                    growth mindset believes that through work and              perseverance, learning, they can learn and build            their intellectual abilities.

To build strong neural pathways I participate.

To build strong neural pathways I practice.

To build strong neural pathways I persevere.

To build strong neural pathways it takes time and effort.

To build strong neural pathways, I know mistakes are good and part of learning. 

To build strong neural pathways, I can ask an expert for help.

The Importance of Growth Mindset!
Our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, play an important role in our success. Every time the brain learns something, new neural pathways are formed, thus developing intellectual abilities. 

YouTube Video

What Is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset