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Email: kim.baile@rdpsd.ab.ca
Phone: 403-348-0050

Rainbow Quote: 
The work can wait while you show the child the rainbow,
but the rainbow can't wait while you do the work !! 
                                                                                                          Patricia Clifford



•Thursday, 26th -- Sock  Day -- wear your favourite pair of socks to school for show and tell!  I have new long & colourful M & M socks and I can't wait to wear them!  I going to wear shorts and really show them off.

•Friday, 27th -- Field Trip forms are coming home.  Please fill out and return on Monday.  Please also send $10 to help cover the 
cost of the field trips to Safety City and Sunnybrook Farm.  If the cost is prohibitive, please email or come and see me.  More volunteers for both trips, are needed.  Thank you again, to all those who have signed up and to those people who are in the process of getting their volunteer forms completed.

The RCMP Foal Naming Contest sheets are also coming home, today.  The children had to pick names that started with P.  Please fill out and have your child return it, if they want to participate.

The children are also bringing home a measuring sheet with my little ruler.  This is just for fun.  This is an optional activity.  Complete or recycle, but please have your child return my ruler.

Please note:  
The items on the calendar in black are my classroom items.  
They are subject to change if the school calendar changes.  
I will give you lots of notice.
•Thursday, 3rd -- Farm and Zoo Animal Show and Tell -- Please bring a farm animal and a zoo animal for show and tell.

•Thursday, 10th -- Farm Day -- We are making a farm inside a pizza box today with plastic animals and plasticene.

•Thursday, 17th -- Zebra Day -- Please bring a zebra item for show and tell.

•Friday, 18th -- Lieu Day for Teachers -- No School
•Monday, 21st -- May Long Weekend -- No School -- ENJOY!!

•Thursday, 24th -- Field Trips to Safety City -- Morning Class 
9:15-10:45 -- Afternoon Class 1:00-2:30 -- Please drop your child 
off at Safety City.  We will walk back to school and dismissal will be at the regular time.  Your child needs to bring their helmet.  I will provide 
a snack for us to eat before we walk back.  If you do not want your 
child to walk back to EBWS, please pick them up at 10:45 or 2:30 at
Safety City.  I need 6 parent volunteers from each class to go with me on this trip. Sorry, no toddlers, babies or older siblings can attend this field trip.  You will need your volunteer package completed and your
police check, if you want to volunteer.  No sandals or flipflops please.  Everyone needs good walking shoes.

Thank you to these people who let me know they can help out:

Morning Class Helpers: Graham, Angela, Kayla, Carmen

Afternoon Class Helpers: Jessi, Ashley, Shannon, 

•Friday, 25th -- School Assembly 1:15

•Thursday, 31st -- Name Show and Tell -- Please bring something that starts with the same letter as your first name: Kim - kite.


•Tuesday, 5th -- Watermelon Day -- We are eating a piece of watermelon and making a life cycle sheet and drawing sheet for our Memory Book.  If you would like to donate a watermelon, please let me know.

•Thursday, 7th -- Field Trip to Sunnybrook Farm -- All the students attend from 12:40-3:25.  There is no Grade K in the morning.  I will need 5 parent volunteers for this trip.  You will need your Volunteer Package completed and your police check.  Sorry, no toddlers, babies, or older siblings can attend.

Thank you to these people who let me know they can help out:

Morning Class Helpers: Kayla, 

Afternoon Class Helpers: Jessi, Ashley, Alex's Grandpa

•Thursday, 14th -- Field Trip to the Fire Station
We are walking over to the fire station by St. Joe's High School.
Thank you to Deb McIntyre (am) and Ashley Fika (pm), who are coming with us.  No sandals or flipflops please.  Everyone needs good walking shoes.  Perhaps a hat?

•Friday, 15th -- Staff Learning & Planning -- No School

•Monday, 18th -- Playdate for the 2018-2019 Grade K Children. My current students stay home today, so the children coming to Grade K this fall, can come for a playdate.  Enjoy your holiday!

•Thursday, 21st -- Favourite Item Show and Tell -- No theme this month. The kids can bring their favourite thing.  If your child wants to bring a pet, please let me know, so we can make arrangements to see it.

•Monday, 25th -- Showcase Assembly 9:15 -- Every class performs in the gym. Volunteer Appreciation Tea at 10:30.  All my students attend in the morning from 8:58-11:40.  No school in the p.m.

•Tuesday, 26th -- Field Day -- the students attend at their regular time.  We will be outside for the whole time completing track and field events.

•Thursday, 28th -- Last Day of School for Students 
Celebration in Gathering Area at 11:00 -- All my K students attend in the Morning.  We will be performing all of our favourite poems and songs. There will be cookies and juice, when the students are done performing.

•Friday, 29th -- Teacher Work Day -- No School -- ENJOY your summer holidays!

February 2019 -- No Spring Break -- Winter Break from February 14th-24th for the Winter Games. Last day of school is Feb. 13th and the first day back to school is Feb. 25th.

If you are looking at my webpage on a cell phone, please keep scrolling until you get to a green file folder that 
looks like this:
There is a second column on my webpage that has lots of information you may find useful.


McHappy Day

Purchase a shoe - 1.00 each
Kids will print their name on a shoe and it will 
displayed somewhere in the school.

Clearview McDonalds 
April 23 & 24th
5:00-7:00 pm
Staff & Parents will be serving dinner!
Please consider joining us.

All proceeds going to our Playground Project!

Thursday, May 10th

The Kinders are making a farm

in a personal size pizza box using plasticine,

toothpicks, very small plastic farm animals, and craft fern.

If your child has very small plastic farm animals at home, or if you are at one of the Dollar Stores and you don't mind picking

up a small bag of animals, it would be appreciated.

Please ensure they are farm animals, and

not dinosaurs or zoo animals, that come in the same packaging.

I have already purchased a few bags

and I have some left over from last year.

Please send the animals to school as soon as you find

them at home or purchase a bag.

Then I'll know well in advance if I need to pick up more.

The bags I purchased were $1.50 a piece.

If it is more convenient and if it is affordable,

please send $1.50

with your child and I can pick them up a bag.

Thanks so much!

                       Kodable is the program we used at school.  
                Your child can try it at home, as well, with this free trial. 
                                            click on this link:

This is YETI!
He is a much loved stuffed critter, 
(he used to be soft & fluffy but he's been cuddled a lot.)
He will be coming home with your child for a weekend visit.
He comes in his own backpack and he has an 
Adventure Book for you to write in about "his happenings" at your houseand your child can draw a picture.
He past years, parents have also added photos.  It's up to you.
Yeti has been to lots of fun places, including West Edmonton Mall, Bali, Grandad's farm,Grandma's kitchen, the Westerner Grounds, the lake, skating, Jump 360, etc.He has been read a zillion bedtime stories and been kissed & hugged a lot.Below is the list of the dates he is suppose to be coming to your house.If you do not want to come for a visit, 
please let your child know.  If you'd like to change your 
date to one in June, please let me know.


April 27 – Oliver

May 4 – Owen

May 11 – Reegen

May 18 – Sawyer

May 25 – Scarlette

June 1 – Umar

Please help me remember to send YETI home, by reminding your child to ask for YETI on the day listed above.  If this is a day we don’t have school; then your child will bring YETI home the day before.  


April 27 – Sophia

May 4 – Tabish

May 11 – Tyrek

May 18 - Ayden

May 25 - Rylee

We are a 
Please do not send peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter, 
sesame seeds, Sesame Snaps, or hummus to school with your child. 
Please ensure that your crackers do not contain sesame seeds.
Please remind your child that we do not share snacks with our classmates in Grade K.

Morning Class 8:58-11:42 
I will go to the buses and walk around 
to the park to meet up with the rest of the children.
We all line up at 8:58 (warning bell) on the sidewalk and 
walk around to the front door.
I will bring the kids out around 11:40, so we can have the entry/exit doors to ourselves. 
 I meet the kids at the park to make up for the time.

Afternoon Class 12:43-3:25
Please meet me at the front door closest to the bike racks, everyday at 12:41.  
The children line up and I will bring them into the school.
No warning bell in PM.
I will bring the kids out around 3:23, so we can have the entry/exit door to ourselves 
and so we are on our way before the bell rings and
everyone starts coming to our door for bikes.  I bring the kids
in early to make up the time. 

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The Wilson Ways

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