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Rainbow Quote: 
The work can wait while you show the child the rainbow,
but the rainbow can't wait while you do the work !! 
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If you are looking at my webpage on your cell phone
please keep scrolling until you get to a 
second column under the month of June.

Calendar explanation:
Dates with BLUE print are school-wide items.
Dates with BLACK print are just for our Grade K classroom.

 work posted on my Twitter Account


Please see the next column, (scroll below June, if you are 
looking on your phone).  There is important information about skating, Junior Bandit's Adventure Weekend at your home and the Winter Walk with Grandparents.

Theme days moved to Tuesdays instead of Thursdays due to skating.

Valentine lists were sent home on January 14th.  If you didn't get a sheet, please let me know.  
It would be great if your child printed the names on their own Valentines.  I am sending the lists home early, so that perhaps your child can do a few valentines each day, so it doesn't become an onerous task.  Mrs. McKeage & Miss Aasman are on the list and I've added Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Broen because they are always so excited to hear our poems and join us for celebration day snacks!  If your child doesn't have enough valentines for everyone, please let me know, as I have lots of extras.  Please send the valentines to school well in advance of the 12th of February, as we need time to sort them into the children's valentine envelopes.  There won't be time to sort them on the 12th, as we have too many activities planned. Thank you for your help.

•Thursday, 24th -- Skating 10:00 & 12:30 -- 
We have to be ready by 10:10 and 12:40 for Mrs. McKeage's lesson to start.  She can only 
stay for 30 minutes as she has to scoot away to teach ski-ing.  She
is only teaching skating to the K kids, so we are super special!  A 
huge THANK YOU to Mrs. McKeage for making this work for the K
kids.  I think the kids did awesome with her the first week.  The confidence level of the new skaters, just soared after her lesson. She taught them how to: fall safely, get up on their own, and glide.  They played Red Light, Green Light and picked up balls off the ice. 

All those families, borrowing skates & helmets, please come early and get them from the storage room.  Afternoon parents, I suggest arrival, no later than 12:25, so you can have your child at the rink and have their skates on by 12:40, please.

•Friday, 25th -- School Assembly  9:15 -- the grade 3 students are hosting.  Exciting news - Isla from the Morning Class and her friends from her mom's dance studio are doing a few Scottish dances.  Everyone is welcome to attend. The Afternoon Class has school at their regular time 12:40-3:22, but you are welcome to come to the assembly with your family.

•Monday, 28th -- Soccer Inservice -- Coach Esad and some of the Queens Soccer players are coming to provide the EBWS students 
with an indoor soccer lesson.  Morning kids 10:10-10:40.  
Afternoon kids 1:50-2:20.

•Tuesday, 29th -- Penguin Day --  Please bring a penguin toy, video, picture from the internet, book, drawing, etc. of a penguin to school for show and tell.  Please wear black and white and if you have a piece of clothing with a penguin on it, please wear it.

•Thursday, 31st -- Skating 10:00 & 12:30

Please note:  
The items on the calendar in black are my classroom items.  
They are subject to change if the school calendar changes.  
I will give you lots of notice.


•Tuesday, 5th -- Beach Day --  Please have your child wear summer clothes under their warm clothes or pack summer clothes in their backpack so they can change into them when school starts.  Please have your child bring a summer show and tell item.  I will turn up the heat.

•Thursday, 7th -- Skating 10:00 & 12:30

•Tuesday, 12th -- Valentine Day Celebrations --  Please wear red, white and or pink.  Please bring a red, white, pink or Valentine item for show and tell.  We are opening our Valentines today.

•Wednesday, 13th -- Winter Sports Day -- We are outside for the whole class time.  Please send your child in their winter gear.
It would be great if your child had an extra pair of mittens, (to change into, if needed), after our snack break.  We are doing 11 outdoor events.  We will monitor the temperature and if we need to go in and warm up, we will.  Both the AM & PM kids attend at their regular times.
8:58-11:40 & 12:40-3:22

•Thursday, 14th -- Staff Learning and Planning Day -- No school today for students.

Winter Break from February 15th-24th for the Winter Games. 

•Monday, 25th -- School Resumes -- I hope everyone had a good Winter Break.

•Thursday, 7th -- Transportation Show and Tell --  Please bring one land, one air and one water vehicle to school.  If you don't have all three types, just bring the ones you have. We will be graphing them.

•Wednesday, 13th -- Wacky Hat and/or Hair Day & Celebrating 
St. Patrick's Day -- Please wear green and either a wacky hat or hairdo today.  I will be taking photos for the E-portfolios.

•Thursday, 14th & Friday 15th -- Teacher's Convention --  No school for students for these two days.  Enjoy your break!

•Thursday, 28th -- Student Led Conferences -- 1:00-8:00 --
Your child needs to attend with you.

•Friday, 29th -- Staff Learning and Planning Day --  No school today for students.

•Thursday, 4th -- Dinosaur Day.  Please bring one dinosaur item to school.  If you have any dinosaur clothing, please wear it today. We are being paleontologists.  We are digging fossils (chocolate chips), out of the dirt (cookie dough), with a special tool (toothpick).  
We are trying to see how many fossils we can get out without 
breaking them.

•Thursday, 18th -- Staff Learning and Planning Day --  No school today for students.

•Friday, 19th -- Good Friday -- No school today.

•Monday, 22nd -- Easter Monday -- No school today.

One day this month we will be celebrating Yellow Day.  It will occur during Mental Health Awareness Week.

•Thursday, 2nd -- Farm & Zoo show and tell.  Please bring one farm animal and one zoo animal.

•Thursday, 9th -- Farm Day -- we are making a farm in a pizza box using plastic animals and plasticene.  I have all the supplies for the children to use.

•Wednesday, 15th -- Field Trips to Safety City -- Children attend at their regular times.  Your child needs to bring their bike helmet.  Please ensure that there is no more than 2 finger widths, between the chin and the strap.  Last year we had a lot of helmets that were way to loose and we had to tighten them before the children could ride on the electric quads.  Please drop off your child at Safety City.
Morning Class 9:10 and Afternoon Class 12:55.  We are walking back to school.  If you don't want your child to walk back, please pick them up at Safety City at these times:  Morning Class pick up is 10:40 and Afternoon Class pick up is 2:25.  If the children are walking back to school with me; it is regular pick up times at 11:40 at the BIG park and 3:22 at the BIG park.  I need 6 volunteers from each class to attend.  Please let me know if you can come with us.  All volunteers need their volunteer package completed and a police check in the office.  Sorry, no siblings.

•Thursday, 16th -- Zebra Day -- please dress in black & white and please bring a zebra thing to show your friends.  Suggestions are: a book, video, a piece of clothing, a photo, a picture printed from the web; anything that has a zebra on in or in it.

•Friday, 17th -- Staff Learning Day -- No school today for students.

•Monday, 20th -- Victoria Day -- No school today.  Enjoy your 
long weekend.

•Thursday, 30th -- Name Show and Tell -- Please bring one thing to school that starts with the same letter as your name:  Kim -- kite, 
Lorne -- lollipop.  We are making a letter book today.

One day this month we will be walking over to the Fire Station for a tour.  I will post, as soon as arrangements are made.
I hope to book Sunnybrook Farm as a field trip this month.  I will need volunteers, please.

•Thursday, 6th -- Watermelon Day -- we will be doing a lot of watermelon activities today.   If you would like to donate a watermelon, please let me know.

•Thursday, 13th -- Wear your favourite T- Shirt Day-- please wear your favourite t-shirt.  We will be drawing the design that is on our shirts onto a t-shirt worksheet for our Memory Books.

•Friday, 14th -- Staff Learning Day -- No school today for students.

•Monday, 17th -- Playdate for the students attending Grade K in the fall, for the 2019-2020 school year.  There is no school for my currents students, today.  Enjoy your holiday!

•Monday, 24th -- Showcase 9:15.  Volunteer Appreciation Tea 10:30.  All my students attend in in the morning from 8:58 (please meet me at the park by 8:50), until 11:40.  We will be performing in the Showcase.  I hope all my wonderful volunteers can come for tea/coffee and strawberry shortcake.

•Tuesday, 25th -- Field Day -- All my students attend at their regular times.  We will be participating in 13 outdoor events.  Please consider sunblock, a bottle of water and a hat.  All students must be wearing running shoes and shorts/pants.  No skirts, boots, flipflops or sandals, please.

•Thursday, 27th -- Last Day for Students -- Celebration 11:00 in Gathering Area -- All my students attend in the morning only from 8:58 until the Celebration is done.  We will be playing games outside, having snack and going to the Gathering Area at 11:00.  The children will be saying their favourite poems and songs.  It would be great if everyone could attend.  After we finish performing, at approximately 11:20, there will be cookies and juice and a rainbow curtain set up, if you would like to take photos.  If you are not attending, please let me know, so I can supervise your child until you arrive.  Grandparents, friends, siblings, daycare providers, etc. are welcome to attend.


This is the start of the second column, 
if you are looking on my
 webpage on your phone.



Please let me know if your child has grandparents that could

do the WInter Walk with us. This is the National WInter

Walk Day, where are participant numbers are included in the


It's probably best if we walk at the end of both program times.

Perhaps 11:00 & 2:45?

Please let me know if that works.

Cherdel said she'd prepare hot chocolate for the Morning Class

for when we got back.

Anyone interested in making hot chocolate for the Afternoon Class?


Tuesday, February 12th

If there are other items, you'd rather send please let me know.
We don't need all these items, they are just suggestions.

Morning Class
(18 please)

juice boxes --  Inuk

meat tray -- 

crackers & cheese -- Addley

veggie tray -- 

plates & napkins -- Carter

cookies -- Sophia

Rice Krispie treats -- Holden  

fruit tray -- 

jello --  Olivia

Afternoon Class
(17 please)

juice boxes -- 

meat tray

veggie tray 

plates & napkins -- 

cookies --

mini cupcakes -- 

fruit tray --

jello --




We need to be on the ice for Mrs. McKeage at 10:10

Please meet me at the rink at 10:00.

Please consider bringing a chair for your 
child to sit on while putting on and taking off their skates, 
as the Grade 3's will be on the benches before us
 and the Grade 1's will be using the benches 
when we are taking our skates off.

Please note early dismissal at 11:10.  
Please make arrangements to
have someone at the rink to take your child's skates off.
If this is not possible, please see me or email me.


We need to be on the ice for Mrs. McKeage at 12:40

Please meet me at the rink at 12:30.

If you are unable to tie up and untie your child's skates, 
please make arrangements with a family member, 
a classmate's parent
or a friend to do it for you.

Everyone child needs:
skating helmet 
toque (no pompoms - must fit under helmet)

If your child is not skating please pick them up at 10:00 from the morning class 
and please don't bring them to school 
until 1:30 for the afternoon class.

The school has skates and helmets that your child can borrow.  Please come to school and I will take you and your child to the gym storage room, so you can try skates & helmets on them.  For legality reasons, I won't be fitting children 
to skates & helmets.

Letter from Mrs. McKeage

Skating - CSA Hockey Helmets mandatory

Hockey helmet

Face guards are not required

Skating is part of the Alberta Physical Education curriculum in the Alternative Environments section of the program.  It is the intention that ALL children at Ecole Barrie Wilson will be involved in skating after Christmas holidays as part of Physical Education.  

Physical Education Safety Guidelines requires that all students MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet for all ice skating activities.  Bicycle helmets are not permitted as they are not deemed to be safe.  

In addition, children MUST wear mitts or gloves and snow pants while skating.

Please be advised that if your child rides the bus, they are required to have their skates in a canvas type bag for safety reasons.  

Also, if you have any skates or helmets that you would like to donate to our school, please drop them off at the school’s main office.  

******If you can help tie and/or untie skates during your child’s skating time****** Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  

Thank you and we look forward to our skating time!    

Mrs. McKeage

Physical Education Teacher

Introducing JUNIOR BANDIT !

 Every weekend, one of the children will be bringing

home Junior Bandit in a backpack with his Adventure Book.

The weekend, that Junior Bandit is scheduled 

to visit your home is listed below. 

Please see me or email me if you have any questions.

Happy visiting with Junior Bandit!

This is Junior Bandit!   Please have your child draw a picture of themselves and Junior Bandit on the blank white sheet.   Please write a log/story about what your child and Junior Bandit did on their weekend adventure on the lined paper.  I will read the log/story on Monday. The children and I find it really interesting reading all about the things that Junior Bandit has done on his travels.  In the past he has gone to hockey games, ice fishing, a ton of trips to Grandma’s house and Grandad’s farm, birthday parties, shopping and even trips as far away as Edmonton, Jasper, and Bali.

 If Junior Bandit needs to be freshen up, please put him in the dryer with a few Bounce sheets.  If is he really dirty, Junior Bandit can be washed on a gentle cycle with fluffy towels.  If he needs to be stitched, please mend him.  Thanks so much. 

If you take a photo of your child with Junior Bandit, you are welcome to glue it in the Adventure Book.  (If the photo is developed after you have sent Junior Bandit back to school; please send it with your child and I will glue it into the book.) 

Please have your child return Junior Bandit, the backpack and the Adventure Book on Monday.  Junior Bandit stays in the book corner all week, so that children who don’t get to take him home until the end of the year, can cuddle with him and read him a book.

Thank you for participating in Junior Bandit’s Adventure Weekends. At the end of the year, I will send home your child’s Junior Bandit sheets home as a keepsake, so please don’t write on the back of someone else’s sheet.  There is a lined sheet for you to write your child’s log/story on.  There is a blank sheet for your child to draw their picture on. Thanks J!

I hope your family has lots of fun with Junior Bandit !!


Morning Class Adventure Weekend with Junior Bandit!

January 11  - Emmett

January 17 – Olivia

January 25 - Holden

February 1– Yash

February 8 - Nate

February 22– Scarlett

March 1 – Sophia

March 8 – Muhammad

March 22 – Addley

April 5 - Isla

April 12 – Emma

April 26 – Carter

May 3 – Momo

May 10 – Lewis

May 24 – Jaya

May 31 – Nicklaus

June 7 – Inuk

June 14 – Ellen

June 21 –

Afternoon Class Adventure Weekend with Junior Bandit!

January 11  - Rylee 

January 17 – Umar

January 25 - Miyin

February 1– Maddi

February 8 - Eli

February 22– Logan

March 1 – Lauren

March 8 – Roman

March 22 – Marcus

April 5 - Camila

April 12 – Sofia

April 26 – Shan

May 3 – Tawhid

May 10 – Elise

May 24 – Peyton

May 31 – Laila

June 7 – Talisa

June 14 –

June 21 –

Schedule for Physical Literacy

PHYS Ed. Days

Recess Days

The children need to have clothing to go outside everyday.
Mrs. McKeage often has Phys. Ed. class, outside.  We also go outside when
the gym is unavailable or when we need another activity break.
EBWS school has a twitter account 
and I have one as part of a previous 
Professional Growth Plan - "Embracing Technology."
I put photos of events and happenings
in Grade K Land on Twitter.

Twitter Account 

Please sign up for REMIND to receive text messages about 
Grade K Baile English 1/2 Day Happenings.
I'm using Remind to send important updates, reminders and information for Grade K Baile. 
Please click on the link below to join our class. ( For reference, our class code is @gradekb )

If the signing up process isn't working for you, please let me know
I can sign you up and then REMIND will send you an invite text.


don't send notes home.  
I use remind and my webpage.

Thanks for joining!
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We are a 
Please do not send peanuts, tree nuts, 
or peanut butter, to school with your child. 
We do not share snacks with our 
classmates in Grade K.

Morning Class 8:58-11:40 
I go to the buses and get the bus kids and we walk around 
to the park to meet up with the rest of the children.
We all line up at 8:58 (warning bell) on the sidewalk and 
walk around to the front door.
I will bring the kids out at 11:40. 

Afternoon Class 12:40-3:22
Please meet me at the front door closest to the bike racks, 
everyday at 12:40.
The children line up and I will bring them into the school.
No warning bell in PM.
I will bring the kids outside at 3:22, so we can have the 
entry/exit door to ourselves. 
When the bell rings at 3:25
everyone starts coming to our K door for their bikes 
and to catch the bus and it is very hectic.
I bring the kids in early to make up the time

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The Wilson Ways

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resilient