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Last week we starting blogging, did skipping in PE class with Mr. Mullen, and had out PBL Night which was very well attended:

Jackson was our "Hard Hat for Hard Work" recipient last week for his expertise with Scratch and helping others!

Monday, April 23

1. Library Tuesday

2. McHappy Day at Clearview McDonalds 5-7 pm tonight

Tuesday, April 24

1. Hot Lunch Wednesday (Extreme Pita)


Wednesday, April 25



Thursday, April 26

1. Innovation Day at RDC Friday


Friday, April 27



Contacting Mr. Shilling
I can be reached in the following ways:

⇒ phone 403-348-0050

⇒ email kevin.shilling@rdpsd.ab.ca

⇒ written notes sent with the student

⇒ using the “Chat” function on Remind

⇒ stop by the classroom to visit or to volunteer

I will make every attempt to get back to you within 24 hours, or by Monday if a message is left on a weekend.


  • April 23 & April 24 - McHappy Days (Playground Fundraiser)
  • Wednesday, April 25 - Hot Lunch (Extreme Pita)
  • Friday, April 27 - City Wide Scratch Game Arcade & Mr. Mullen's Last Day
  • Thursday, May 3 - Grade 6 Orientation
  • Monday, May 7 - Parent Council
  • Wednesday, May 9 - Hot Lunch (Pizza Boxx)
  • Wednesday, May 9 - Grade 6 Orientation
  • Wednesday, May 16 - Go Girl/Grow Boy
  • Friday, May 18 - Staff Learning Day (No School)
  • Monday, May 21 - Victoria Day (No School)
  • Wednesday, May 23 - Hot Lunch (Pita Pit)
  • Friday, May 25 - Assembly

On Monday and Tuesday, the Clearview McDonalds will be donating a portion of their sales to our Playground Fundraiser as part of the national McHappy Days. Come out and support this worthwhile venture. Mr. Shilling will be working on Monday from 5-7 with other EBWS staff members. As well, there will be EBWS staff working 5-7pm on Tuesday. Hope to see you there! 
Just a reminder that we are still selling the hearts. Mr. Good sent home a notice about the school awards if different levels are reached. For example, he will sleep on the roof if we raise $3000 of heart sales! Let see if we can get him up there!

In February, our district launched an initiative and a series of lessons to be used in the schools to help promote mental health among our students. I will be sharing with you the monthly newsletter the committee puts out to assist teachers and parents in helping our children. Here is the latest edition, which gives strategies for dealing with anxiety:  Mental Health # 4

Here is the link to a publication put out by Red Deer Public Schools about different aspects of Literacy. This issue is about using background knowledge to make sense of what students read, and how parents can assist them. 

Dear Parents,

Robin Pawlak author of Space Cadets will be doing an Author Visit on Tuesday, May 1st.  Your child will have the opportunity to hear the author read from his book, talk about the process of writing and for $12.00 your child can purchase a signed copy of the book if he or she is interested.  As students are purchasing directly from the author please bring exact change.  

Back-cover Synopses:   

What if your imagination could take you anywhere? Literally.

Twelve-year-old Simon loves to daydream—a little too much, according to his twin sister Casey, who prefers real-life adventures. She leads the two into their father’s workroom, which is strictly off limits, and they are zapped by their father’s mysterious invention. Afterward, exhausted and dazed, Simon imagines that he is flying a spaceship. Suddenly, he finds that he can no longer control the fantasy, and he and his sister end up stuck in space. For real.

Simon and Casey are taken prisoner by the evil Gamnilians, an alien race bent on galactic domination. In jail they come across an unexpected ally in Geet, a fearful but clever little alien who wants exactly what they want: freedom, and to find a way home. The trio teams up to attempt a daring escape, leading to action-packed adventure filled with danger, friendship and lots of laughs.

About the Author:

Robin Pawlak was a teacher for 31 years in Red Deer. He had boatloads of fun with his students, but three decades is a long time, so he decided to retire to something a little quieter. Nowadays, he spends most of his time in his office, making stuff up and muttering to himself. Some say this is a sure sign that all that time with children drove him mad. This may be true. But if one writes his imaginings down, he can call himself an author, which is a somewhat more respectable title than lunatic.  If you visit robinpawlak.com, you’ll find even more of Robin’s madness on display, including short stories for children (ages 8-108) and some Space Cadets bonus material.