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Second Chances

In class we recently had a good discussion about what to do if you are unhappy with a mark you received on a test or an assignment. First, I reminded the students that one bad mark would not have a significant impact on their overall grades in that subject, that I base their report cards marks on many different lessons, activities, and assessments. Second, I reminded them that they could always redo an assignment and resubmit it, or re-take a quiz. I believe everyone should get a second chance at success. All the student has to do is ask me for a redo and I am more than happy to make that available to them. They also have to attend a remedial lesson or explanation session to help ensure a better result. I have put the responsibility for their own learning on the students’ shoulders. Do ask your child if they did a redo on any work they (or you) are not happy with. I remind them constantly in class that they have that option.

Wikipedia and Research

Some people have been claiming that “Wikipedia” is not a reliable online reference source, because it can be edited by its users. Recent studies have shown that, in fact, it is very accurate, and up-to-date. It is editable, but there are learned editors who fact check every new submission before allowing publication. That is why I recommend it as a reference tool, among others. I always tell my students to use other sources to confirm the facts and get more detail. Wikipedia should never be used as a sole source for research or background information. As well, we spend time in class teaching the students the skills to recognize bias, reading level appropriateness, and reliability in both print and on-line sources. We also take the time to discuss how to navigate these sources to extract the necessary information for their purposes. These are research skills that will serve them well in the future, beyond their time here at EBWS.

Science Donations

We will be building weather instruments in class this week, so I am seeking donations from home to help us do this. These items need not be purchased -- if they happen to be on hand at home we would appreciate it if you send them to school. The list includes: empty glass jars, empty clear 2L and 500 ml pop or water bottles, large balloons, empty paper towel tubes, styrofoam cups, pea gravel or sand, cotton string, long straight pins, and ping-pong balls.

Math Donations

While I have my hand out begging, we would appreciate any donations of used playing cards. They need not be a full deck. (most people would say I'm not playing with a full deck already!) We use them for our facts practice and memorization -- which will come in handy as we have started our multiplication and division unit.


From time to time I like to do contests to encourage students and parents to read my Teacher Page on a regular basis. This week I am going to buy hot lunch for two students whose parents enter the contest. I will draw these two names from all who enter, but everyone who enters will get a prize. In order to enter, parents just have to text or email me the word "Contest" by noon on Friday, October 19th.


Monday, October 15

1. Please bring in donation items for Science and Math

2. BOKS starts this week for those who signed up

Tuesday, October 16

1. Picture Retakes Wednesday

2. Parent Council tonight @ 7:00 pm

Wednesday, October 17


Thursday, October 18

1. "Frindle" Reading Contract due Friday

Friday, October 19

1. Book Orders go home. Due Friday, October 26

2. Picture Orders in by Wednesday, October 24

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