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March Conferences

In the month of March we will be sending home the next set of Progress Reports (a.k.a. the Report Cards). These will be available online on Tuesday, March 26th. Along with the Progress Reports come the Student-Led Conferences. These will be held on the afternoon and evening of Thursday, March 28th.

These conferences will take a different format than the last round. During these conferences, the students will be conferencing with the parents alone to celebrate their growth and learning. The teacher will only be there to greet the parents and guide the students if they get stuck. The focus is to be on the student. It is their chance to show off their learning and accomplishments. If parents wish a more formal conference with the teacher, to discuss academic or behavior concerns, we can schedule one for a different day and time.

During these next conferences the students will be sharing their goals for the final term, as well as displaying some of the knowledge and skills they have recently acquired. They will be showing off their ePortfolios, and some of the learning that has gone on in our class. I am excited about this student-centred style of conferencing and know that, in the past, both the parents and students find it enjoyable and beneficial. I will be sending home more information about these conferences as the date draws nearer.

To book your conference go to the website schoolinterviews.ca and use the parent code gq8fs

Warmer Weather and Water

With the coming warmer weather and the melting of the snow, the school yard starts to take on the features of a swamp. While the staff try to discourage students playing in the numerous icy mud puddles, we are aware they do act as magnets to children. With that in mind I would encourage the students to bring an extra change of clothes just in case they "accidently" fall into a puddle. As well, rain boots are a must if they wish to keep their feet dry for the day!


Monday, March 18

1. RCMP Drug Awareness Presentation Tuesday

2. Jump Rope For Heart Forms go home

Tuesday, March 19


Wednesday, March 20

1. Bottle Drive Camp Fundraiser next Thursday

2. Conference online booking now available

Thursday, March 21


Friday, March 22


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