Here are some ideas for getting active at home!

- go for a walk/walk the dog
- jump on the trampoline
- do an online exercise video such as Cosmic Kids Yoga , PE With Joe Wicks or Kids Bop (Dances & Drumming Activities)
- build a fort
- look online for "Minute To Win It" challenges 
- play an active console game like "Wii Sports" or "Just Dance"
- Put on some music and have a Dance Party

Here is your "AT HOME" fitness challenge for FALL!  

Just like in Phys Ed class, you will "spell out" each word on the calendar using the exercise key provided.  You can also do each word more than once for a longer workout.  The words you are spelling out might also give you some ideas of ways that you might get active this fall! (If you would like to print your calendar, just click on the link below it.)

Remember, try to get active for at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY!!